Radiant Logic Presents Webinar Featuring Guest Analyst Mike Gualtieri

Federated Identity Service - Putting Identity at the Center Meeting the new demands, serving legacy applications and evolving your aging directory

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time: 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET
Presenters: Mike Gualtieri, Forrester Research & Wade Ellery, Radiant Logic

Today's legacy directory infrastructure can't keep up with new demands-and the problem will only get worse as we move from IAM to IRM (Identity Relationship Management) shifting focus from relatively simple issues of access to the multi-layer demands of relationship management and contextual communications. And it will become unimaginably complex when all our devices-from home thermometers to smartphones, from medical devices to refrigerators-need to be treated as constituents within the system.

This webinar will identify best practices for evolving identity space:

• Build a Federated Identity Service based on a common data model. Don't centralize, but federate identities through virtualization, taking advantage of your existing data to build a comprehensive, attribute-rich view of each user.
• Manage globally, act locally. Integrate information from every identity store while freeing your system from the limitation of a world filled with silos.
• Give new life to the old directory. Revamp legacy directories using cluster-based computing principles and big data technologies for a more context-aware future.

About Guest Speaker Mike Gualtieri, Forrester Research, Inc.
Mike Gualtieri is the principal analyst serving application and development & delivery professionals at Forrester Research. Mike research is focused on software technology, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver prescient customer experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology and platform coverage areas are big data strategy, Hadoop, advanced analytics, machine learning, data science practices, predictive app design, and emerging technologies that make software faster and smarter. Mike is also a leading expert on the intersection of business strategy, architecture, design and creative collaboration.

About Radiant Logic
As the market leader for a federated identity service based on virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identity within an organization. The RadiantOne Federated Identity Service enables customizable identity views built from disparate data silos, driving critical authentication and authorization decisions for WAM, federation, and cloud deployments. Fortune 1000 companies rely on RadiantOne to deliver quick ROI by reducing administrative effort, simplifying integration, and building a flexible infrastructure to meet changing business demands. For more information please visit Radiant Logic.

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