Energy, Inc. Announces Strategic Relationship with LockState to Provide Advanced Control and Automat

Energy Inc.'s partnership with LockState - allows, for the first time, consumers to automatically control multiple devices in the home - based on the cost of electricity, daily or monthly budget, or simply the amount of electricity being used.

CHARLESTON, S.C. - November 11, 2014 - Energy Inc., the market leader in commercial and home electricity monitoring systems, today announced the integration with home automation and load control device manufacturer, LockState. By broadening the flexibility of interoperable devices within the home area network, LockState, maker of door locks, plug strips, thermostats and cameras, can help electric utilities offer consumers more ways to save energy, and to participate in demand response programs, particularly during peak periods. This strategic relationship also gives consumers the ability to manage their energy use without smart meters.

Energy Inc.'s partnership with LockState - allows, for the first time, consumers to automatically control multiple devices in the home - based on the cost of electricity, daily or monthly budget, or simply the amount of electricity being used. Consumers can now choose to set a typical schedule for automation, or allow decisions to be made automatically, based on user-set parameters of energy cost and usage.

"Energy, Inc.'s integration with Lockstate will allow our TED customers to not only monitor their energy usage, but control it, based on how much their utility is charging them at any given second," said Dolph Rodenberg, President of Energy, Inc. "This new integration can be used in homes, offices, and companies around the world. Electricity bills, demand rates, and energy usage will dramatically decrease with this new technology."

"We're excited for this partnership with TED because of the incredible control that we can deliver to home and business owners over their energy costs. Now, not only can owners monitor their energy consumption, but they can adjust thermostats and power plugs automatically to lower their energy costs," said Nolan Mondrow, president of LockState.

TED energy monitors integrate with LockState's automation products using Wi-Fi. Consumers can check their energy usage remotely and instantly turn appliances off or on using LockState's automation app. Consumers also have the ability to receive real-time text messages and e-mail alerts to notify them of any change in rate, demand, or budget.

About Energy, Inc.
Energy, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Charleston, S.C., which designs and manufactures real-time electricity management systems for residential and commercial use. Energy Inc.'s flagship product is a user-friendly, accurate monitor marketed under the brand name TED - The Energy Detective. Operating under patented and proprietary technology, Energy Inc. is focused on assisting homeowners, businesses and electric utilities interested in conservation and reducing demand during peak periods. For more information, visit

About LockState
LockState brings the power of the Internet and radio frequency technology to access control devices such as smart door locks and physical access control systems for both residential and business use. LockState's ResortLock platform brings remote control capability to door locks and other common devices such as thermostats, power plugs and more so that home and business owners can stay connected with their properties. LockState's mission is to utilize the Internet to extend the convenience and connectivity we have come to expect from the web to these everyday devices to solve common problems that arise when owners are away from their property.

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