SnapOne, Inc. and TigerDirect Partner to Distribute Individual and Family Cross-platform Mobile Security Apps

New Partnership Expands SnapOne, Inc.'s Consumer Reach Through TigerDirect's Diverse Distribution Channels, Including Online eCommerce and Inbound Call Centers

PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 6, 2014 -- SnapOne, Inc., the only company currently offering an all-in-one, cross-platform, personal, family and digital "Life Security" solution, today announced its partnership with TigerDirect, a major U.S. electronics retailer. SnapOne, Inc.'s applications, including Snap Secure and Snap One, will now be sold through, the company's online retail website which has over 10M visits per month and is ranked as one of the "Top 25 Online Retailers" by the New York Times.

"We're very excited to grow and expand our operations with TigerDirect," said Jiren Parikh, president and CEO of SnapOne, Inc. "This partnership introduces Snap Secure and Snap One to thousands of individuals and families who can benefit from our cloud-connected life security and content management services with one of the market's premier electronics retailers."

"Snap Secure and Snap One fit perfectly with the growth of smart devices and consumers' need to have a comprehensive, cross-platform cloud offering for themselves as well as their families," said Adam Shaffer, EVP of Merchandising of TigerDirect. "Consumers know they need to protect their devices, data and family across a broad range of mobile and home computing devices, and now we offer the most comprehensive offering to do just that."

Snap Secure and Snap One will be sold individually and bundled with 3rd party products and services offered by TigerDirect. Customers can buy Snap Secure® and Snap One and download the suite of applications onto their devices. Both services cover up to 6 members and unlimited devices. Snap Secure includes 200 GB and is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 smartphones, and Mac and Windows computers. Snap One offers both 350 GB and 500 GB plans and is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Mac and Windows computers.

Key Snap Secure features:

Personal and Family Safety: Family Map, Driver Safety monitoring to prevent distracted driving accidents, Safety Zones for managing family activity by location and arrival/departure alerts, Emergency Manager for alerting public safety, friends and family when you feel your security is at-risk, Call and Text Monitoring to keep track of who's contacting your family members.

Data Protection: Full Multi-media and Data Backup, and Cross-platform Restore of mobile device content to the cloud.

Device Security: Cross-platform device Locate, Lock, Wipe and Camera Control if your device is lost or stolen. Plus, SIM Card Guardian to protect your phone from unauthorized use.

Social Media Security: Quick setup with real-time alerts for malicious connections, embarrassing content in public posts, and more, on a wide range of social media sites.

Key Snap One features include all of Snap Secure, plus:

CloudView: Cross-platform view of all content and media backed up with Snap Secure®. Access, manage, organize and privately share all files across all devices in one convenient place.

Snap Play: Fast and seamless music streaming from the cloud to any device. Auto-organization, iTunes library integration, playlists, and concert finder. Engineered for optimal streaming over mobile networks.

SnapOne, Inc., is the leader in personal, family and digital "Life Security" applications and services, and the underlying platform. The company's Snap One®, Snap Secure, Snap CloudView, Snap Play, Snap FamilySafe and Snap FieldSafe products allow individuals, families and small businesses to leverage the cloud with simple yet powerful apps and services to secure and manage people, data, devices, and their entire lives. The Snap One security-as-a-service delivery platform is the industry's only comprehensive and unified offering for channel partners that want to enhance their product and service offering with personal, family and small business "Life Security" features. SnapOne, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., with offices located worldwide. Learn more about our "Life Security" products, partnerships, and future updates at

About TigerDirect
For over 25 years, TigerDirect has served the needs of both personal and business computer users, selling consumer electronics, computers, digital media technology and peripherals via ecommerce, business to business, and retail channels. TigerDirect is a subsidiary of Systemax Inc. (NYSE: SYX).

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