IntesisHome now offers more.

IntesisHome is becoming bigger.

IntesisHome is the reference in the control of air conditioners in the cloud. It is the only one with specific devices to main air conditioner manufacturers, and with a Universal Controller that completes the range to control almost any unit on the market.

IntesisHome is becoming bigger. Every day new users and devices connect to the servers and use the Apps worldwide, and that after three years of work, makes the team that has made this possible very proud.

That's why IntesisHome would like to give back all the trust placed in the service, offering all users with free license (Lite license), more control functions.

From the 1st of November, all users with Lite license, will also enjoy, besides the functions already available, of the following:

*Annual calendar / scheduler fully configurable.
**The unique service that offers a powerful annual calendar.

*Up to 10 scenes / timers fully configurable.
**To save your favourite settings and execute them by just pressing a button or whenever you decide.

*Ability to add areas / facilities to your account
**To organize various facilities or different areas of the house.

*Notification of errors by e-mail
**You can easily configure your IntesisHome account to send an e-mail and inform who you decide if something goes wrong with your air conditioner or your IntesisHome Device (this e-mail includes time, error code, error description, and if the error is active or recovered)

And besides that, the IntesisHome team continues to work to offer more interesting features during 2015, including:

*Configuration of user alarms
**To send an email notification if :

*The temperature is higher than...
*The temperature is lower than...
*The air conditioner's state has changed (On/Off, *Working mode, Set temperature)

*Push notifications in iOS and Android
**Get instant notifications and alarms on your smartphone.

*Weather forecast widget in iOs and Android
**To more effectively manage the programming of your air conditioning system.

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About Intesis Software, S.L.
Founded in 2000, Intesis Software is a leading manufacturing company of innovative solutions for home and building automation. Based in Igualada (Barcelona), Spain, and with customers in more than 80 countries worldwide, Intesis offers a wide range of products as a result of a continuous investment in R&D, based on a highly qualified team. The product's portfolio includes everything from gateways for systems integration, to complete solutions for home and building control, through specific Apps to control home automation. Intesis designs, manufactures and markets all its products under three commercial brands: IntesisBox, IntesisHome and Houseinhand. For further information please visit

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