Extron Introduces Next Generation of Fiber Optic Audio Extractors

Providing independent processing and routing of audio signals in a fiber optic AV distribution system.

Electronics is pleased to introduce two new fiber optic products for the FOX II Series, the FOX II AEX 108 eight-port and PowerCage FOX II AEX 104 four port audio extractors. They provide independent processing and routing of audio signals in a fiber optic AV distribution system. Each fiber optic input port extracts the two channel audio signal to provide analog balanced or unbalanced stereo audio. The audio extractors are available in multimode and singlemode models. The PowerCage FOX II AEX 104, designed to mount in the PowerCage 1600 enclosure, and the rack-mountable FOX II AEX 108 are ideal for use in FOX Matrix systems that require extraction of audio signals for local processing within the equipment room.

"Designers and integrators are in need of a solution that can handle audio extraction, but also support the higher resolutions of today's installations," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. "With these new audio extractors, AV professionals can now provide local, independent audio outputs for the newest generation of fiber optic distribution products while maintaining compatibility with existing extenders and matrix switchers."

After extracting the two channel audio signal, the original fiber optic signal is re-transmitted to maximize the optical budget for long distance transmission. Additionally, the buffered fiber optic loop-throughs feature output reclocking to reshape and restore the timing of the digital signal. The audio extractors are compatible with FOX II Series transmitters and receivers as well as FOX Series matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, and DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, VGA/YUV, and AV extenders. The modular PowerCage FOX II AEX 104 and the compact FOX II AEX 108 are designed to provide easy access for discreet audio signal processing and routing.

To watch product introduction videos, please visit www.extron.com/foxiiaex108video and www.extron.com/pcfoxiiaex104video

For more information about the FOX II AEX 108 and PowerCage FOX II AEX 104, please visit www.extron.com/foxiiaex108 and www.extron.com/pcfoxiiaex104

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