With Home Control Taking Center Stage, Z-Wave Leaves Big Impression at BBWF

Large Number of Z-Wave Solutions Reflects Dominance in Home Control Market

Milpitas, California October 29, 2014

Home automation and control was front and center at the recent Broadband World Forum, held October 21-23 in Amsterdam. Broadband World Forum is the world's largest broadband event, exploring how network innovation is powering the global connected society.

As a reflection of this focus, the Z-Wave Pavilion featured home control solutions from 13 members of the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of over 300 leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave open standard.

Alliance member companies presenting a wide range of home automation devices and services included Aeon Labs, CBCC Domotique SAS, Connected Object, devolo, Essence, M2M Solution, MiOS, Fibaro, Secure, Sigma Designs, ThermoFloor, Vision, and Zipato. In addition to the Alliance members exhibiting in the Z-Wave Pavilion, an additional four member companies displayed Z-Wave products from other locations on the show floor.

With a total of 17 companies showing products from Z-Wave -- the only home control solutions provider exhibiting at the event -- there was little doubt as to Z-Wave's overwhelming presence. In fact, Z-Wave companies represented over 10% of the total exhibit floor.

While the numbers are impressive, it is the quality of the Z-Wave offerings which is far more noteworthy in the service provider arena. Z-Wave Alliance member Essence received the Best Broadband Home Service Innovation award for its Wer@Home Smart Living Solution. In addition, Orange Telecom France launched its HomeLive solution using Alliance members MiOS and Fibaro's Z-Wave enabled products.

This powerful showing is bolstered by the previous selection of Z-Wave by other service providers, including; Orange Poland, AT&T, Verizon, Bell Aliant, and Century Link. Raoul Wijgergangs, VP Sales Europe and Global Market Development for Sigma Designs -- a principal of the Z-Wave Alliance and a member of the Alliance's Board of Directors -- highlighted the success of Z-Wave as the premier technology platform in the North American security and service provider markets in his presentation on IoT for the Home.

The presentation outlined the growing opportunities for service providers in the IoT market; the range of services that service providers can offer customers; and the advantages that Z-Wave technology brings to service providers, including product-level interoperability and large existing product ecosystem.

Mark Walters, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance stated, "It is clear that home control services are becoming an important service offering for broadband providers worldwide. These services are proving to dramatically increase Revenue Per Unit (RPU) and reduce subscriber turnover. It is also clear that Z-Wave is the premier home control ecosystem chosen by broadband providers worldwide and is the leading technology for the global smart home and smart device markets. We were fortunate to have 17 of our 300 member companies demonstrating their capabilities at this important industry event. We look forward to next year's conference where I'm sure we will have an even greater presence."

Since its introduction to the market in 2003, Z-Wave has been the wireless technology of choice for the residential and commercial security markets. Z-Wave is the technology used by all major home security providers for lighting, locks and thermostats. Z-Wave technology also enjoys extensive presence in hospitality industry, home and commercial energy management, as well as solutions for the growing senior monitoring sector. Adopted by over 300 worldwide market leaders, Z-Wave is fully interoperable between all brands and is fully backward-compatible between versions.

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