Chui the Intelligent Doorbell, to make International Debut

Among 50 startups selected for the International Pioneers Challenge, one of only four American companies chosen

Chui, an Internet of Things startup that combines facial recognition with unique technologies to make one's face a universal key, will make its international debut at the Pioneers Challenge in Vienna, Austria October 29-30. The rising company, which has amassed over $80,000 in pre-order sales, is among 50 startups chosen for the international competition, and will be one of just four U.S. based teams. Partnering with industry leaders that include Cisco, Microsoft, and Qualcomm Ventures, Pioneers brings together over 20,000 entrepreneurial shapers, present in 5 continents. One startup will be selected to receive a $50,000 seed investment and mentorship from Y Combinator, Tech Stars, and Lemnos Labs.

Entering the rapidly growing Internet of Things industry with a focus on home-automation, Chui's technology is capable of learning with time to make one's homes safer, and his or her experiences with connected devices seamless. Among other functions, it can unlock one's front door with a connected lock and enables other connected home devices upon facial recognition. These functions, along with Chui's ability to enhance commercial applications - school attendance, membership management, access control - position the company as an emerging global leader within an increasingly international industry. Berg Insight projects an estimated 36 million homes in Europe and North America will be smart by 2017. While the European market is about 3 years behind its North American counterpart, it is projected to grow EUR 2.6 billion/US$ 3.4 billion by 2017.

Chui CEO and Co-Founder, Shaun Moore, sees the Pioneers Challenge as an opportunity to launch an international brand; something the startup envisioned from its earliest stages. "Security, comfort, and simplicity are valued across our globe, in every culture. Chui was created to be a gateway for the connected home and we are excited to bring our technology to the European market, and to do so through the Pioneers Challenge," says Moore. "No matter the nation, we will continue to iterate our technology to enhance the consumer experience."

Following the Pioneers Challenge, Chui will continue its international debut. On November 4, CEO Shaun Moore will represent the company at the global Web Summit in Dublin, where Chui was selected to attend as an Alpha Program. Moore will then head to Barcelona on November 6 for the 2014 Boston Consulting Group TA World - Emerging Technology Conference, where he will speak as part of its founders' forum.

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