Indiegogo - iSmart Alarm, Inc. Launches Indiegogo Pre-Sale Campaign for New iCamera KEEP HD Streaming Video Home Security Solution

HD resolution, motion and audio detection, night vision, and multi-camera support highlight the new iCamera KEEP. Wi-Fi enabled, users can monitor and manage their home with no monthly fees and no contracts. Now available for pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $99

Sunnyvale, CA October 08, 2014

A brand new home security camera from iSmart Alarm is going to change the way the world looks at DIY home security and the smart home.

The team has launched a crowdfunding pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo to make the iCamera KEEP the next evolution of self-monitored home control. The iCamera KEEP is designed to work with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System and as a stand-alone Wi-Fi device. With 1280x720 HD resolution, motion and sound detection, and on-demand streaming video control and snapshot storage, the iCamera KEEP provides comprehensive home visibility with no monthly fees and no contracts. The motorized unit allows for wide range pan-tilt, IR lights provide high resolution night vision, and the system allows multi-iCamera support for visibility of the whole home. Shipping will begin at the beginning of December, in time for delivery for the holiday season.

The iCamera KEEP Pre-Sale campaign, running through the month of October, offers significant discounts to contributors in multiple package options, with savings of up to $130 off. Contributors and fans also have an opportunity to receive their iCamera KEEP for free through the company's Indiegogo Referral Program - For every pre-sale contribution, the referrer receives a $10 discount on their purchase, up to the full value of the iCamera KEEP.

iSmart Alarm, Inc. is no stranger to the crowdfunding world. In January 2013, the iSmartAlarm Home Security System was launched on Indiegogo and went on to close with over $226,000 raised by 1,600 contributors and customers, making the iSmartAlarm the 7th most funded technology project at the time. The wireless home security system is completely DIY, upgradable, expandable to fit every home's needs, and easily monitored in real time from anywhere in the world with the iSmartAlarm iOS and Android Apps.

"With the increase of customer adoption of smart home and DIY home security devices, retailers are devoting more space and categories to these types of products," Raymond Meng, CEO and Co-Founder of iSmart Alarm, Inc. said. "Our goal is to constantly evolve to meet the changing landscape and provide new economical and smart solutions for customers, and the iCamera KEEP is a huge step forward. Watch closely for what we have next."

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About iSmart Alarm, Inc.
iSmart Alarm, Inc. was founded in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. They design and develop the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system. The iSmartAlarm puts a 21st century spin on traditional security systems. The sleek, sophisticated system utilizes a users' Apple and Android devices to put home security and home control in the palm of its users' hands. Their products are cool, simple to use, and affordable to everyone. Be there even when you're not there, with iSmartAlarm and the iCamera KEEP.

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