Roomie Remote Launches 3.0 App for Home Theater and Home Automation at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Touch Panel Systems

Mobile app and subscription-based pricing allows consumers to 'ditch their remotes' and get more control for less-wirelessly and with no programming fees

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Consumers craving better home automation have found an all-in-one solution with the Roomie app from Silicon Valley company Roomie Remote, Inc. A new 3.0 version of the app is now available on the App Store with greatly enhanced functionality and service options.

The Roomie app allows consumers to have complete control of their lights, shades, music, TV-you name it-wirelessly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional home automation systems that require built-in touch panels and are notoriously priced above what most consumers can or want to pay.

Originally released in 2010 as an app for iOS devices, the new Roomie 3.0 app has added compatibility for iOS 8 and network control of Apple TV and Nest thermostats. Sonos group control, Lutron Triggers and other enhancements are also part of the 3.0 release.

Roomie features an array of network device recognition protocols that automatically detect supported devices on home Wi-Fi networks. Roomie is compatible with thousands of modern IP controlled devices. For infrared devices, the new Roomie Blaster adapters, introduced as part of the 3.0 launch, are the size of a memory stick and provide Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to infrared (IR) or serial (RS232) components for seamless integration with the Roomie app. Roomie Blasters can be purchased at

Roomie Remote, Inc. was founded by CEO Will Price after the sale of PGP Corporation, a data security startup he co-founded, was sold to Symantec (SYMC) in 2010.

After 15 years in the industry, Price saw software become increasingly Enterprise-specific and expensive to the point that put it out of reach of the average consumer. Realizing the right product simply didn't exist, Price founded Roomie Remote with the mission to put easy-to-use, integrated home automation software in the hands of consumers.

"Roomie solves a paradigm in home automation by giving consumers complete control with an app that is feature rich, affordable and easy to use and maintain over time," said Price. "Version 3.0 is a huge release for us with breakthrough network control of Apple TV added to our existing iTunes and Sonos support. We have also added support for Nest and triggers that allow Roomie actions to be initiated from external devices like Lutron keypads and Sonance LaunchPort with Buttons." Price added, "We're truly moving to the next level with this release."

Roomie is available for purchase on the App Store and subscription-based pricing allows customers to choose a service plan duration. In-app upgrades can be purchased to add support for additional devices beyond the base offering of three devices.

Roomie 3.0 app and service pricing:

Roomie 3.0 app:

*Control up to 3 devices

10 Device Pack in-app upgrades:

*Control an additional 10 devices
*Add additional 10 Device Packs as needed to control more devices
*First 10 Device Pack includes 6-month trial of Roomie Service

Roomie Service subscription options:

*$17.99 / year; $9.99 / 6 months; $1.99 / month
*Adds TV guides with content from Rovi, Inc. (ROVI)
*Media guides for Sonos, iTunes, XBMC, VLC, Plex and Kaleidescape
*Infrared control with non-Roomie branded infrared devices
*DVR control for DISH (DISH), TiVo Roamio (TIVO), and DirecTV (DTV)
*Clocks, alarms and triggers
*Cloud backup and restore

About Roomie Remote, Inc.

Roomie Remote, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2010 to create high-quality, easy to use home theater control and home automation software. Based in Mountain View, California, the heart of Silicon Valley in between the offices of Facebook and Google, Roomie Remote's mission is to integrate home theater and home automation with the power of today's platforms via next generation functionality and user interface. Roomie Remote believes that easy to use, integrated software is the key to the next generation of home theater control and automation. Interoperating with many hardware vendors is crucial to advancing the industry to the next level. For more information, visit

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