EnGenius Personal Cloud Solutions Enable Users to Take Control of their Digital Lives, Giving Them Greater Peace of Mind

Powerful Productivity, Lifestyle, Security-Enhancing Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Combine with EnGenius Gateways and Intelligent Routers to Enable Users to Save Money, Increase Security, and Share Content from Anywhere They Have an Internet Connection

COSTA MESA, Calif.--EnGenius Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions for businesses and consumers, today announced the launch of its family of EnGenius Personal Cloud Solutions for homes and businesses.

The new EnGenius Personal Cloud Solutions, which combine high-performance networking products with powerful apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android-based smartphones and tablets, include feature-rich, cost-saving video monitoring and voice communications solutions for consumers and small businesses. Unlike Cloud-based solutions that provide similar capabilities as part of a subscription- or fee-based service, the EnGenius solutions provides users with a fee-free personal Cloud, which allows them to store, and share content, and leverage a variety of productivity- and security-enhancing capabilities from anywhere.

Personal Cloud Monitoring Solution Lets Users Keep an Eye on their Homes and Businesses from Anywhere without Monthly Subscription Fees

The EnGenius Home Guardian Kit (EBK1000) is a powerful monitoring solution that gives users the ability to monitor their homes or businesses from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets. Unlike Cloud monitoring solutions, EnGenius Home Guardian can record up to three months of high-definition video (based upon a connected 4TB USB hard drive), eliminating the need to pay costly subscription fees for Cloud storage and ensuring that the system continues to archive video even if the Internet connection goes down.

The EnGenius Home Guardian Kit comes with one EDS1130 Intelligent Wi-Fi HD Day/Night Cloud IP Camera, but can support up to three additional cameras for monitoring larger homes or businesses. The EDS1130 enables users to set precise zones, such as windows and doorways, within its field of view so that it will start recording any activity or motion within those designated areas. By connecting a sound system to the EnGenius Home Guardian camera, users can take advantage of the integrated alarm that can be activated automatically by motion detection or from the user's mobile device. Motion detection and audio alerts are sent directly to the user's mobile device so they can respond accordingly.

With the Home Guardian solution, users can use the EnViewer app and Home Guardian camera to see and speak with caregivers, contractors, colleagues, family members, or employees. Videos or active camera monitoring can also be shared with family, friends or employees so they can also see what is happening in and around the home or business. Up to 16 camera views can be monitored from a Windows-based computer with the EnGenius VMS application.

The Home Guardian Kit includes an EPG5000 IoT Gateway and one EDS1130 Intelligent Wi-Fi HD Cloud IP Camera. The EBK1000 is at an MSRP of $319.99.

Personal Cloud Voice Solution Saves Small Businesses on Long Distance and International Calls

The EnGenius Personal Cloud Voice Solution combines the EPG600 Dual Band IoT Gateway with High Performance Wi-Fi and Phone Ports with the free EnGenius EnTalk™ app for iPhone® or Android™ smartphones. This unique cost-saving communication platform can save businesses, and even families, on international and long-distance calls whenever they have access to the Internet. By connecting a PSTN line to the EPG600's telephone port, up to ten (10) smartphones can be associated to the gateway using the EnTalk app, enabling them to make long-distance or international calls through their local line or directly through the Internet.

Unlike other paid VoIP services, all smartphones registered to the EPG600 can initiate and conduct calls between another or multiple registered smartphones via the Internet. By bypassing the EPG600 owner's local telephone service account altogether, business colleagues or family members can stay in touch at a significant cost savings, regardless of where they are in the world.

"The new EnGenius Personal Cloud Solutions are shifting the paradigm among consumers and businesses that Cloud-based solutions, which often come with high monthly subscription rates or fees, are the only way to access services and capabilities from anywhere through their mobile devices," stated Sara Huang, Product Manager at EnGenius. "For instance, the Home Guardian kit gives users a full-featured monitoring solution for homes and offices that provides video archiving, two-way communication, motion-based alarms, and automated notifications without the need for a separate service or subscription fee. Our solutions enable users to enhance their lifestyles and increase productivity, without incurring the recurring fees that Cloud-based services or products require."

Powerful Apps work with Personal Cloud Solutions to add Capabilities without Additional Costs

The powerful family of free downloadable apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android smartphones allow users to access a host of lifestyle- and productivity-enhancing functions and capabilities enabled through the EnGenius IoT Intelligent Cloud Gateways and IOT Intelligent Cloud Routers. The current line-up of EnGenius Personal Cloud apps includes:

EnShare - enables users to store and retrieve music, photos, videos, and documents to and from an attached USB hard drive connected to the IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It can also instantly archive any photos you take with your iPhone®, iPad® or Android mobile device, or EnGenius IP cameras.

EnTalk or EnTalk Lite - enables users to make low-cost long-distance and international calls to anyone in the world. Capable of supporting up to 10 SIP accounts, small business owners and their teams can reroute calls from a local area (PSTN) line over the Internet and turn smartphones into cordless extensions.

EnViewer - enables users to view up to four camera images at a time on their iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or table from EnGenius IP cameras connected to an EnGenius IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router. EnViewer also lets users instantly archive video, programs the EnGenius IP cameras to send alerts, and enables two-way communications through the camera.

EnRoute - enables users to see where family members or employees are when they are away from the home or office, providing peace-of-mind and enhancing productivity. EnRoute can even store records of the routes of registered devices to an EnShare-enabled USB hard drive connected to an EnGenius Personal Cloud IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router.

The family of EnGenius Personal Cloud products includes:

EPG5000 Dual Band IoT Intelligent Cloud Gateway
*Supports IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless standards with up to 1300 Mbps on its 5 GHz frequency band and up to 450 Mbps on its 2.4 GHz band;
*Built-in 4-Port Gigabit Switch to connect
*Blu-ray players, set top boxes, DVRs, game consoles, and HDTVs;
*Built-in USB port to share media content from an attached USB hard drive to mobile devices inside or away from the home with EnShare;
* Connect and talk around the globe via the
*Internet and save on long-distance and international calling with EnTalk-Lite;
*View live feed from connected EnGenius IP cameras and receive alert notifications with EnViewer.
*MSRP $179.99

EPG600 Dual Band IoT Gateway with High Performance Wi-Fi & Phone Ports
*Up to 300 Mbps wireless speed on each frequency band;
*Built-in 4-Port Gigabit Switch to connect a multitude of devices;
*Gigabit WAN port for faster uploads and downloads;
*2 RJ11 ports to connect and small business or home's PSTN phone line;
*WPA/WPA2 encryption;
*Save on long-distance and international calling.
*MSRP $99.99

ESR600 Dual Band Wi-Fi N600 Intelligent Gigabit Cloud Router
*Up to 600 Mbps wireless speed with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands;
*Gigabit wired speeds and USB port;
*Xtra Range technology for better signal coverage throughout your home;
*Prioritizes applications and maintains quality of experience;
*Multiple SSIDs;
*Industry-standard security.
*MSRP $79.99

ESR350 Wi-Fi N300 Intelligent Gigabit Cloud Router
*Wireless N300 speed;
*Gigabit wired speeds and USB port;
*Xtra Range technology for better signal coverage throughout your home;
*Prioritizes applications and maintains quality of experience;
*Multiple SSIDs;
*Industry-standard security.
*MSRP $69.99

ESR300 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi N300 Intelligent Cloud router with Fast Ethernet Ports
*Wireless N300 speed;
*Fast Ethernet wired speeds and USB port;
*Xtra Range technology for better signal coverage throughout your home;
*Prioritizes applications and maintains quality of experience;
*Multiple SSIDs;
*Industry-standard security.
*MSRP $59.99

EDS1130 Intelligent Wi-Fi HD Day/Night Cloud IP Camera
*720P High Definition resolution;
*Wireless N150 speed;
*H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG Triple Codec; Supports 2 simultaneous HD streams;
*Hidden IR LEDs for night viewing up to sixteen (16) feet;
*Supports motion detection, push notifications, and Ethernet lost;
*Built-in microphone and external audio out.
*MSRP $159.99

Products in the EnGenius Personal Cloud Solution are covered by a one-year limited warranty and are available in North America via authorized retailers, distributors and value-added resellers. For more information on EnGenius Technologies and its families of long-range wired and wireless datacom and telecom products visit www.engeniustech.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

About EnGenius Technologies

Established in 1999, EnGenius Technologies, Inc., is a US-based industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology, delivering feature-rich, long-range wireless communications technology for voice and data. The versatility and performance of the company's solutions lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity and maximize return on investment.

EnGenius' Personal Cloud Solutions are designed to make homes and small businesses more secure, make communication effortless and less costly, and make it safer and faster to store and retrieve digital content from anywhere via their mobile devices. Unlike Cloud-based solutions, EnGenius' Personal Cloud Solutions provide these capabilities without costly fees or subscriptions, and ensure the security of the users' data by enabling them to keep physical control of the content on their own premises.

EnGenius' growing portfolio of networking solutions including Gigabit PoE switches, indoor and outdoor wireless networking products, and IP cameras for business deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature sets and versatility for class-leading performance at affordable price points.

The leader in premise mobility communications, EnGenius' cordless business telephone systems and portable handsets deliver extremely long-range and reliable connectivity outdoors, throughout multi-story buildings and in complex environments. Whether using the FreeStyl system in an office setting or the durable, scalable DuraFon system in larger, complex environments, EnGenius phone systems enhance productivity and enable mobility throughout business properties.

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