Bass Products Appointed As Distributor of CommandFusion Hardware in the USA

CommandFusion appoint Bass Products as the first distributor of their automation and control hardware range covering the United States of America.

New York, USA - 30 September 2014

Bass Products have been appointed as a distributor of CommandFusion hardware covering the region of the United States of America. Bass Products traditionally cover the marine industry, but plan to market the CommandFusion range to the custom integration and home automation industries.

CommandFusion director Jarrod Bell believes that the appointment of their first distributor in the USA is a huge step for the company. He says it will make CommandFusion products much more accessible to their large American customer base, as well as providing tech support during local business hours.

"As a systems integrator and distributor, we are always looking for the right components that tie the entire design together, while encompassing the very best in technology and functionality for our customers. In CommandFusion we found both." said Tony Sposato, General Manager at Bass Products.

With affordability and a modular, open framework at its core, the CommandFusion hardware range has proven a cost effective and simple way for integrators to provide a reliable automation and control solution. Since being released in 2012, its popularity amongst integrators has been steadily growing. The hardware revolves around a modular design ensuring that all system sizes from a single room up to an entire campus are cost effective and suited to any unique requirements. Already successful in the home automation industry, the hardware range has allowed CommandFusion to quickly gain ground in the commercial and industrial automation and control sectors. CommandFusion believes in openness: software and hardware protocols are fully published - allowing integrators to mix control systems within a job to suit their requirements and budgets.

About CommandFusion

CommandFusion is a designer of powerful, cost effective automation and control software and hardware. Emphasizing reliability and interoperability, all hardware and software uses openly documented protocols to allow for ease of integration with other systems.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005, CommandFusion has been selling its flagship software product (iViewer) for iOS since 2008. Renowned for its flexibility and versatility, iViewer is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. The first CommandFusion hardware products were released in 2012. With a small, dynamic and driven international team coming from the automation, software and hardware fields, CommandFusion strives to offer the best support and fastest innovation turnaround in the industry.

About Bass Products

Bass Products, a division of Plainville Electrical Products Company, has led the marine industry in electrical system design and power management with an emphasis on systems monitoring and control for over 45 years.

As a distributor and integrator for AMX, E-Plex and ETA's Power Plex, they specialize in the design and integration of customized control and monitoring solutions for the yacht and specialty vehicle markets.

CommandFusion Automation Hardware is available in the USA from Bass Products.

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