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We now launched several new items. HDMI extender 150m by cat6/7 HDMI extender 500m by coaxial with 80 channels HIFI 4x2 HDMI Matrix 1.4V HDMI matrix 4X2 (SUPPORT FUll HD 4K*2K 3D 5.1 /SPDIF/ 2.1/ARC) 3D HD video converter HDMI to HDMI+audio converter HDMI/SDI wireless transmission system

HDMI extender 150m YT-TXRX150M:The extender uses one piece of standard CAT6/7(cable length max up to150M) to transmit the HD Signal from the DVD, HD Player, PC and other HD source set to the Display at distance; It follows the TCP/IP protocol to send the HD Video by the local area network; it supports one sender to multi receivers and Cascade connection way to transmit the HD Signal by the help of Ethernet switcher. Also it can return the received IR signal at the receiver to the sender to help the users to control the HD source at long distance. For HDMI Cable have limit at the length and cost, so the extender is for solve the low cost and long distance HD Signal transmit need.

HDMI extender 500m YT-TXRX500M:The HDMI coaxial extender can do digital coding processing for HDMI signal with DTV technology.
The product adopts RF modulation technology characteristic to transmit the Multiple RF signal through
one common coaxial cable (SYV-75/RG59) for long distance transmission without amplification. The
receiver can restore the high-definition video signal and transmit it to the TV or monitor. By adding
DTV network mixer at the RF cable, you can easily achieve many kinds of transmission mode, e.g.
signal split, switch and matrix.

HDMI matrix 4x2 YT-HDMX0402:The HIFI 4x2 Matrix can connect four HD Source with two HD Display,

which can also do extra audio output by the SPDIF port or Headphone port.

It can switch or distribute the four HD Source to the two HD Display easily.

The matrix also can support ARC function, which can upstream the TV audio

to the amplifier.

HDMI to HDMI+digital audio with spdif YT-HD01:The YT-HD01 converter allows the HD Source connected to single HD Display and adds extra one 3.5/ L+R and SPDIF /COAXIAL audio out port.
Our devices offer solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.
Our series of HDMI converters, switches, extenders, matrixes and splitters are designed to make your A/V device use more convenient, more comfortable, more productive and more cost-efficient.

Featured Product

Comelit - VIP Kit With Planux Monitor With WIFI/3G/4G Remote APP - 8512IM

Comelit - VIP Kit With Planux Monitor With WIFI/3G/4G Remote APP - 8512IM

The kit allows use of the video entry phone system via a door entry monitor as well as tablets and smartphones on the Wi-Fi network, or remotely on 3G (or higher) networks. The gateway in the pack allows connection of other devices (Comelit VIP door entry monitors or PCs) besides the door entry monitor supplied. In all cases, the gateway should be connected to an ASDL router or another device guaranteeing local Wi-Fi and mobile 3G connectivity. Depending on bandwidth limitations, the gateway can serve up to 15 appliances (including door entry monitors, smartphones, tablets and PCs) with 4 simultaneous door entry monitor streams. It also allows "intercom" communication between all of the 16 devices served. For mobile devices, whenever both modes are available and enabled, the app automatically switches. .