CEDIA 2014 - FIBARO Showcases Its Concept Products At CEDIA EXPO 2014

At CEDIA EXPO 2014, a specialist exhibition for home technology, FIBARO experts will be demonstrating functionality of the system elements and will answer all questions of the visitors

Denver, September 10-13, 2014 at stand NO 522 FIBARO presented it newest concept products, which will appear on the market within a few months.

The first one is FIBARO Swipe - a revolutionary, new, gesture-control pad that allows for controlling any devices associated with its gesture sensors, without actually touching anything! This wireless control pad can be placed anywhere: mounted on a wall, behind a wall, or even under a counter.

The possibilities for placing the FIBARO Swipe are endless as are the possibilities for what can be controlled with it. Just imagine that you can Swipe up to make roller blinds go up. Swipe down to toggle a light switch. Swipe right to turn the music on. Swipe left to turn TV on. With four short swipes, you've just transformed your living room into a home theater! Swipe's only limit is your imagination.

The Player is a brand new concept product from FIBARO. It is a wireless speaker which lets you play your favorite music collection in every room. Moreover thanks to integration within your smart home system it will play the music according to a scene setup e.g. entering your home may trigger an audio alarm once your smart home sensors have detected a specific threat. Thanks to a multi-room feature and an integration with Motion Sensor the sound may follow a resident from room to room.

The FIBARO Intercom, wireless video-gate, works as a standard video gate with unique feature of remote access allowing for opening or closing the door/gate from anywhere in the world. In addition the product gives a live web cam view and a possibility to speak with a person standing at the door.

The FIBARO Wall Plug a remotely controlled, compact, plug&play outlet adapter can be used wherever you want to control electrical devices. Its power-metering function allows you to monitor power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. The current power consumption is displayed on the LED screen embedded in the Wall Plug's casing. The Wall Plug is also equipped with a USB charger.

The FIBARO Panic Button will be the last concept device presented on the show. Its organic design and miniature size introduce a new approach to the products of that kind. Panic Button is a compact, battery-powered device allowing its user to run emergency scenes defined in FIBARO System. Small size and wireless communication allow for mounting the device in any position e.g. beside the bed, under the desk.

At CEDIA EXPO 2014, a specialist exhibition for home technology, FIBARO experts will be demonstrating functionality of the system elements and will answer all questions of the visitors.

Further information at www.fibaro.com

High resolution can be requested at media@fibaro.com.

About Fibaro:

Fibar Group Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of the wireless smart home system FIBARO. With FIBARO you can control not only audio/video devices and household appliances but also lighting, temperature level, roller shutters, awnings, gates and wickets, alarm and monitoring systems. System is managed via a mobile phone or a computer. Specific actions can be automatically activated by the system based on an information collected by sensors and GPS. The brain of the system is the award winning Home Center 2 designed from the scratch by FIBARO. FIBARO System uses the Z-Wave technology which allows for automating of all electrical devices at home without interfering with the existing buildings structure. The installation process is completely non-invasive.

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This is Control4 Home Automation with Amazon Alexa.

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