Value-priced complete systems bring enterprise-grade performance and reliability to budget constrained CI projects

Hayward, CA - At CEDIA Expo Pakedge Device & Software is announcing a range of four value-priced, enterprise-grade complete AV network systems designed for use on smaller network deployments or on budget constrained projects.

"With the proliferation of cloud-based multimedia content services, and increasing usage of mobile devices for content creation and streaming in the home or small business, networks have become increasingly AV-centric with requirements unique from that of data centric networks," says Benson Chan, VP of Business Development at Pakedge. "These include processing of bandwidth-intensive, low latency multimedia content and the ability to deliver these content streams to multiple network users simultaneously. General purpose consumer grade equipment is insufficient because it is designed to meet mass market price points, using low performance chipsets, limited features, and a "good enough" functionality. For maximum throughput and precise bandwidth control, security, scalability and reliability, it's important for installers to specify enterprise grade equipment. These new Pakedge systems provide a great enterprise grade solution at an attractive price point that will help installers meet demand from customers looking to upgrade from consumer grade equipment."

The four systems include proven Pakedge network components, and are based on two platforms - a standard platform and a power-users platform with TruStream (for users with higher multimedia streaming needs). Each system comprises of the RE-1 four port 4K/UHD ready gigabit router, an 8 port gigabit switch (unmanaged or managed), the P8 eight outlet intelligent power distribution controller, a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector, and a high power, high throughput wireless access point.

The standard platform provides simple plug and play installation, while the power-users platform provides configuration options for a more customized deployment. Each system provides both wired and wireless connectivity. The P8 power controller provides self-healing capabilities to ensure proper network operation. It auto pings the connected devices at specified intervals, and if it receives no response, it will power cycle the network device to clear the fault. The wireless access points come in two options - a single band 2.4 GHz version, and a dual band 2.4/5.0 GHz version.

Key benefits of the complete system sets include:

*Technology and feature sets designed specifically for AV networks
*Simple installation with self-healing capabilities for assured system operation
*Value priced for budget constrained projects

The systems are available for sale immediately.

The four complete systems are as follows:

Standard system

- S8Wpde 8 port gigabit unmanaged switch

- RE-1 four port gigabit router

- P8 8 outlet Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

- W6 2.4 GHz high power, high throughput wireless access point

- PI-04 - PoE power injector

Standard System with W7 Dual Band Wireless Access Point

- Same as Standard System but with W7 2.4/5.0 GHz dual band high power wireless access point

Power Users - ideal for users with higher multimedia streaming needs than standard users

- S8Mpdp - 8 port gigabit managed switch with TruStream (Priority/Quality of Service)

- RE-1 four port gigabit router

- P8 8 outlet Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

- W6 2.4 GHz high power, high throughput wireless access point

- PI-04 - PoE power injector

Power Users with W7 Dual Band Wireless Access Point

- Same as Power Users System but with W7 2.4/5.0 GHz dual band high power wireless access point

For more information, please email sales@pakedge.com, take a look at www.pakedge.com or visit Booth 820 at CEDIA Expo 2014.

Press Contacts:

Jeff Hayward / Laura O'Reilly, Wildwood PR, 44 1293 851115, jeff.hayward@wildwoodpr.com / lauraoreilly@wildwoodpr.com

Ailsa Zheng, (714) 880-4593, ailsa.zheng@pakedge.com

Pakedge Device & Software Inc.

"Pakedge is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial A/V applications. Pakedge is recognized by industry peers and winner of the prestigious CEPro Brand Leader award for Networking in 2013 and 2014 and specializes in integrating high performance engineering innovations, operational simplicity, and systems engineering to develop technology that enables customers to unleash the power of their network."


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