CEDIA 2014 - On Controls Adds Powerful New Feature Set and Enhanced Functionality to Residential and Commercial Control and Automation Platform

Broad range of enhanced capabilities give integrators a cost-competitive, feature-rich and user-friendly connected technology platform

Detroit, MI September 11, 2014 - On Controls (www.oncontrols.com), a leader in cloud-based smart home and commercial control solutions for professional installers, has announced today the introduction of version 4.0, adding a broad range of new features and functionality to the On Controls platform. Version 4.0 will enable On Controls' authorized residential and commercial integrators to deliver advanced control and automation functionality at a lower cost than competitive systems, increasing the overall value proposition of the On Controls solution. Version 4.0 has been designed specifically to give integrators the most easily scalable and user-friendly connected technology platform in the smart home and commercial control markets.

On Controls Modules

On Controls modules are pre-configured solutions that deliver compatibility between a growing number of third party devices and the On Controls platform. The version 4.0 release includes a module for easy integration of the popular Philips Hue lighting (controls both color and dimmer). Additionally, On Controls now offers two new modules for Lutron systems-the first incorporates the Lutron Homeworks QS system, giving users intuitive control over Lutron Homeworks switches, dimmers, keypad buttons, phantom buttons, window treatments and thermostats. Another new module is now available for the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro wireless bridge, which includes seamless integration of Caseta Wireless dimmers and Pico remote controls. All of these new modules represent tremendous opportunity for integrators seeking to bring affordable Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to both new and existing customers.

Expanded Configuration Capabilities

The On Controls Version 4.0 release includes major firmware revisions that enable integrators to achieve multifaceted configurations with ease, delivering advanced control and automation functionality competitive with far costlier solutions. The On Controls platform now enables integrators to leverage external sensors to actuate events and two-way communication with third party devices, resulting in the capacity to create individually tailored macros for today's sophisticated connected home customers and demanding commercial environments. "Many of the new features found in this latest release are a direct result of feedback from our residential and commercial dealer base," explained On Controls CEO Itai Ben-Gal. "Our objective is to engage with our sales channel and deliver the functionality they require from our groundbreaking cloud-based solution," Ben-Gal said.

System of Choice

The On Controls platform has become the control and automation solution of choice for a broad range of integrators and enterprise clients. Best Buy recently selected On Controls to run their A/V demos in 470 Magnolia locations, with additional outlets and applications planned. Despite the influx of new A/V components into their showrooms every three months, Best Buy corporate employees are able to manage all changes from their headquarters and update each store's system as new models arrive. This enables Magnolia sales staff to access new product artwork and specifications instantly from an iPad as they are interacting with consumers.

Featured Product

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MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

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