Greenergy Communities Partners with Clare Controls in Net Zero Energy Homes

National developer standardizes energy saving lifestyle applications with Clare Controls

SARASOTA, FL., Aug 29, 2014 --- Greenergy Communities, the nation's leading exclusive Zero Energy home and community developer, announced today that it will include home automation systems as standard amenities in the 800 homes it plans to develop in Florida and California starting this year. The systems will play an important role in achieving the company's objective of providing Zero Energy homes at all price points.

Greenergy's focus on Net Zero Energy homes led to its strategic partnership with Clare Controls, a leading manufacturer of high-performance automation solutions. The companies intersect in their demonstrated commitments to bringing the benefits of their trademark skills to owners of homes in all price ranges. Greenergy's concentration on efficiency and sustainability are well-served by the energy conservation the ClareHome automation solution supports, in applications that enable control of systems ranging from lighting and climate control to video surveillance and even multi-room audio.

Greenergy is currently building three environmentally friendly communities, with four more projects coming off the ground in the next three to six months. Each home will feature a ClareHome technology solution, with Clare's CLIQ controller - the "brain" of the unified system - as the foundation of its scalable automation services. The systems will provide easy control of the homes' programmable thermostats and ClareVue lighting. As residents seek more control, they can add applications that offer additional energy savings, along with safety and security, comfort and convenience, and home entertainment.

Conveniently, all of Clare's lifestyle applications are controlled securely through a single, personalized app on the user's iPads, iPhones, and Android phones, managed with equal ease from home or away.

Bob Palmiero, Greenergy's Senior VP of Business Development, stated, "We are extremely excited about the partnership with Clare Controls, as their home automation technology is a perfect match for us in meeting our objective of exclusively developing Zero Energy communities and homes."

Brian Dietsch, Clare's VP of Business Development, added, "Clare Controls is honored to be working with the visionary Greenergy Communities in their effort to meet the Net Zero Homes standard for all of their new developments. The Clare system was created for exactly this reason - to put more mainstream homeowners in control of their daily routines. Pushing
the boundary of efficiency with our easy to use lifestyle applications will bring even greater satisfaction to the homeowners in their affordable, sustainable Greenergy homes.

About Greenergy
Our company was started in 2009 with the objective of designing and engineering a Net Zero Energy home that can be
built cost effectively for any price range. We wanted to be able to offer a superior, healthy, and sustainable home for both
the affordable as well as the luxury home market. During the last 4 years, this evolution is now becoming reality, as our
GREENERGY homes are being built across the state of Florida and soon in California. We are confident that GREENERGY's
new energy-efficient high-performance home designs are going to change the way homes will be constructed today,
tomorrow, and in the future. For more information, visit

About Clare Controls
Clare Controls is the provider of the ClareHome Builder Program, an integrated hardware, software, and business solution
that gives homebuilders a comprehensive response to today's exploding demand for mainstream home automation
systems. Featuring on-site service by certified Clare partners with national manufacturer's support, the Program delivers
full-featured home automation in a predictable and repeatable business model. For more information, visit

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