ISF Launch a New Generation of Electric Curtain Tracks, Poles and Motorised Blinds

Currently ISF are sending introductory data sheets to interior designers, architects and construction companies to raise awareness.

LONDON, September 2, 2014 --

Superior in every respect, ISF's Forest Shuttle system outperforms leading brands by miles and yet is at least a third cheaper. Made in Holland to strict European engineering standards, you simply click the remote control to make these 24v DC motors silently draw curtains of up to 90kg as far as 14 metres effortlessly. And the motors carry a 10 year warranty - double that of other makes.

This system displaces the notion that electric curtain tracks are prohibitively expensive and complicated. Just think! No electrician is required to fit our 24V system so it comes with a lower cost installation at a time to suit you best.

Greg Kostin, ISF's Managing Director, said today: "Get to know Forest Shuttle tracks and you'll fall in love with their simplicity, reliability, silent running and connectivity, with every type of building automation and even commands from an app on your smartphone.

"Setting the stop limits is as easy as pie. Then, if sometime later you can't find the remote control, you can just tug at the fabric to start the motor and draw the curtains open or closed. Guests will be gently surprised by this feature! And at least they can't damage the system: curtains can be drawn by hand even if the power is off."

The beauty of the Forest Shuttle system is that it consists of just one slim belted track with a choice of 3 interchangeable motors for light, medium and really heavy loads. It can be operated by remote control, by wire, from a smartphone or through a home automation circuit.

As if that's not enough, the same system is also available from us embedded into the only 28mm motorised metal curtain pole range. Really sleek!

And there's more! The latest Wow factor comes with our large motorised curtain poles - 51mm, 63mm and 76mm in diameter and available as modern metal poles, natural wood, painted wood poles or bright brass - all motorised and with a fantastic range of finials.

Currently ISF are sending introductory data sheets to interior designers, architects and construction companies to raise awareness. Anyone interested should apply for a free 85-page technical catalogue or invite us for a live demonstration of this great new product range.

For the moment, please look at our website:

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