VidaBox Releases new 'Drop-n-Rip' Features: Autoupdate Missing Metadata + Import of ISO, MKV, & more

New 'Drop-n-Rip' software release automates missing metadata updates for disc archivals made when internet access was unavailable, upon restoring internet connectivity. Digitized video - such as ISOs, MKVs, MP4s, M4Vs, & AVIs - can now be imported into a LiivNAS & auto-tagged with covers & metadata

GARDEN CITY PARK, N.Y. - September 2, 2014 - 'Drop-n-Rip Archiving' software, which is the backbone of the VidaBox line of LiivNAS Blu-ray, DVD, & Music Servers, has been updated with key new features. First, when movies are archived without any metadata, due to a lack of internet connection, the system will automatically refresh the missing cover art and details upon restoration of an internet feed. Next, already digitized movies and other video content can now be easily imported into a LiivNAS, complete with automatic tagging of cover art and metadata, plus being able to expose this rich metadata to 3rd party automation systems w. 2-way controls.

"These new features make our LiivNAS an ideal choice for clients who have an existing movie collection that they want to integrate seamlessly, and also in setups where internet connectivity is not guaranteed," exclaims Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox LLC. "These scenarios are growing more common. For example, in mobile installations like yachts or planes, an internet connection is not always available. Discs archived during these internet outages will appear as "Other Title" or other generic description, since there's no metadata. This leads to confusion, especially if many titles were archived during the outage. Previously, a user must manually use our free Collection Management software to look up and update these titles' absent metadata - which can be an annoyance. This is now eliminated since updates are automated - making LiivNAS the smart choice in mobile installations!"

This automated metadata update process is fully integrated into the "Drop-n-Rip" software suite of every LiivNAS, and requires no end user input or configuration. With this enhancement, LiivNAS units will automatically and persistently attempt to update missing cover art, details, and other rich metadata - resolving an installations' Internet access limitations & shortcomings.

"In addition to seamless metadata updates, we now offer optional rich metadata auto-tagging support for integrating existing movies and digitized video files into a LiivNAS's collection," Cheung continues. "This is great for clients who already have a digital movie library - stored in ISOs, MKVs, MP4s, MKVs, or other video file standards - and now wants to easily access and present it beautifully on screen, complete with high-res cover art, details, and other metadata, plus optional control via Bitwise, Crestron, Control4, RTI, and other popular control systems!"

To import existing digital movie content along with metadata, simply organize each video title or movie file into individual, separate folders. Then, name the folders appropriately with the movie or video title. Once the import process is started, the LiivNAS will recognize the folder name, and tag it with the appropriate cover art, metadata, and other pertinent details of the movie title. "White Glove," concierge-level services are available as an option to provide turn-key solutions.

These new 'Drop-n-Rip' software features are shipping and available now on new LiivNAS units. Existing units can download the free update via the "Support" section of the VidaBox website.

LiivNAS systems can be seen along with Dune HD players in CEDIA booth #1636. For more details on this product or other items in the VidaBox family of digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, call +1-516-730-7500.

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About VidaBox LLC:
VidaBox LLC is a premium manufacturer of Media Systems and Kiosk solutions. VidaBox Media Systems smoothly integrate Blu-ray, DVD, and music storage and playback along with automation systems into complete A/V distribution ecosystems to provide an unparalleled user experience. These systems can be installed simply and cost-effectively all at once or over time. VidaBox Kiosk solutions provide secure mounting and reliable, 24/7 charging of popular tablets for use as automation controls, digital signage, or other interactive displays. Competitive pricing of the full VidaBox line offers exceptional value to professional integrators and their clients. More information is available at or by phone at +1 516-730-7500.

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