Bay Audio Expands Live-Wall Lineup with the Revolutionary LW1210 Invisible Loudspeaker

Patent-pending technology and compact size combine to deliver the best sounding and most versatile invisible loudspeaker solution for custom integrators

August 25, 2014 - San Diego, CA-Bay Audio, a leading manufacturer of premium loudspeaker solutions for A/V integrators and specialty dealers, has announced the introduction of a new invisible Live-Wall speaker model, the LW1210. Live-Wall offerings now include three invisible models-the LW1218 and LW1210 loudspeakers along with the LWSub invisible subwoofer. Bay Audio's Live-Wall invisible speakers have established a performance and engineering standard for this growing category of architectural loudspeakers. Bay Audio also offers best-in-class landscape loudspeakers for outdoor applications along with the company's full lineup of architectural and home theater products.

Performance, versatility and value highlight the strengths of the new Bay Audio Live-Wall LW1210. Live-Wall's newest model features a three-layer design that employs a woven fiberglass diaphragm along with advanced aeronautical adhesives and an asymmetrical star pattern that, based on complex algorithms to eliminate standing waves, delivers an astonishingly balanced frequency response. "Our goal at Bay Audio is to deliver superb sound from an invisible loudspeaker, and the new LW1210 delivers on that promise," explained Bay Audio CEO Ira Friedman. "The LW1210 is more compact than the LW1218, giving integrators a nimble, durable and more affordable option for just about any wall or ceiling application while retaining the magic of invisibility. The LW1210's proprietary asymmetrical star pattern feathers and dissipates high frequency energy as it propagates toward the edge of the speaker to achieve the most natural and balanced sound. This new product represents the innovative thinking that is the foundation of what we do here at Bay Audio," Friedman concluded. The Live-Wall LW1210 delivers a wide 160-degree off-axis dispersion and high power handling for enjoyment throughout a large area. The LW1210 has an MSRP of $500 (each) and is now shipping to authorized Bay Audio dealers.


*Small form factor and clever installation brackets ideal for soffits and other challenging locations
*Advanced, durable materials ideal for high-humidity installations such as bathrooms
*High power handling plays as loud as most conventional 10-inch in-ceiling speakers
*160 degree off-axis dispersion -3dB
*6dB down point at 65 Hz delivers rich sound and excellent bass resolution
*100 watt protection circuit guards against overdriving
*1.25" voice coil designed to handle ample power
*Fire-rated metal back-box and metal bracket available
*$500 each MSRP

About Bay Audio: Founded in 1998, Bay Audio is a premium supplier of custom loudspeaker solutions based in San Diego, CA. Bay Audio's innovative solutions rely upon the marriage of quality components with practiced techniques. Our engineers are constantly looking for new materials and manufacturing methods to deliver the best possible sound and overall value. The Bay Audio team works diligently with audio/video integrators and interior designers to produce custom loudspeakers that conform to a home's design elements - so you see the d�cor, not the technology. Ultimately, Bay Audio delivers visually elegant speaker solutions without losing sight of that one most important quality in consumer audio-truly great sound.

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