Newly Launched Landline Replacement Technology Prevents Missed Cell Calls At Home

Expanded Line of "Renny Home Ringers" Provide Unprecedented Range & Reliability

(Pismo Beach, California) - It's a problem that happens all too often to cell phone users nationally - an important cell call at home goes unanswered because a phone ringtone is too low, the phone is out of reach, or it is muffled in a pocket, briefcase, drawer or car.& nbsp; Extending the success of their initial Renny Ringer "landline replacement" product, Olens Technology has now released two new models to expand their innovative category of products. The Renny HOME and Renny JR. products are designed with patented technologies never used before to help make sure cell phone rings get heard -- and calls get answered.

The new Renny models still have the unique features as the original unit and offers benefits still not seen on any other product on the market, including range of up to 200 feet, always on auto-connect, built-in selectable ringtones for loud and clear call notification, and more.

- The entry level Renny JR. connects one phone within 150 feet, forever auto connects and has multiple loud selectable ringtones. The Renny JR. also notifies users of text and email notifications, and streams music from any smartphone with its powerful and clear loudspeaker. $59.95.

- The Renny HOME is the first complete smartphon e management system for any home or office. Renny HOME is a stand-alone base station & smartphone ringer that automatically connects up to two mobile phones wirelessly when within 200 feet - without using a landline or home phone system and there are no monthly fees or service charges. Renny HOME announces the name of the caller, allows users to handle incoming calls handsfree by speaking "answer" or "ignore" out loud, select loud built-in ringtones, and stream music from a smartphone with its quality speaker using 3D Digital Dynamic Bass technology. $139.95.

- The original Renny Ringer smartphone hub and ringer works anywhere in a home or office by automatically connecting wirelessly to any mobile phone within a 200 foot line of site range. While other speaker products must be turned on or off when you want to use them, the rechargeable Renny is always on and ready and works unnoticeably in the background until it is needed. $99.95.

Many Bluetoot h speakers answer a phone.

Unfortunately most require the user to manually connect every time they use it. Worse yet, when connected to the speaker the phone doesn't work, because the speaker "steals" the call. Renny eliminates these problems, and packs many phone-friendly features into a little package. The Renny line from Olens Technology is a cellular hub and ringer that replaces landline based home phone systems -- the first ever to hit the market. Renny combines the best of both worlds by fixing what is wrong with wireless speakers and offering a complete high-end family of phone management products.

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