Kickstarter - Blink, a Wire-Free Home Monitoring System, Has Raised Over Half A Million Dollars on Kickstarter

The affordable, HD home monitoring and alert system will remain on Kickstarter until September 4

In just three short weeks, Immedia has managed to build a community of 4,000 supporters and garnered over $500,000 in pre-order pledges with the release of Blink, an ultra-affordable, wire-free, HD home monitoring and alert system. Due to the early success of the Kickstarter campaign, which launched on July 21, Immedia has introduced a series of feature updates based on input from the crowd, as well as announced a stretch goal for when the product reaches $600,000.

Blink's rich feature set is driven by advanced technology developed and built by Immedia; the system itself is designed for simplicity. Creating a whole-house monitoring system is as easy as placing the Blink cameras anywhere in the home and downloading the Blink app. These wire-free cameras can be effortlessly placed, moved, or adjusted, making it easy for renters or homeowners to create a system that's perfect for their lifestyle.

Once set up, the battery-powered Blink units are capable of running for as long as a year with no need for charging or battery changes, and deliver instant motion or temperature alerts through iOS and Android devices. Blink's Live View mode also allows users to check in at their convenience.

"Blink delivers the first home monitoring experience that's both truly affordable and customizable. You can
place it anywhere, and build it out in the manner that suits your needs, without the hassle of installation or monthly fees," said Don Shulsinger, Immedia's VP of Marketing and Sales.

While the initial product has been instrumental in building the interest already accumulated, Immedia has been keen on listening to the community for feedback on Blink; the team recently introduced three new features. An auto arm/disarm option has been implemented to augment the usability; an onboard storage option has been added to address privacy concerns; and the team has also made the API available as a mechanism to allow for future integration with other smart home devices.

Upon reaching $600,000, Immedia will also introduce a Blink alarm device, and Kickstarter backers will be
able to add the new alarm unit to their existing system for just $25 (50 percent off the future retail price).

"We want our backers to know that their input is valuable to us, and our company is invested in building out a feature set and ecosystem that's truly meaningful to our community. The new features we've introduced reflect that," said Shulsinger.

Blink comes standard with multiple features beyond video capabilities. The system can be set to monitor the temperature and send alerts if it becomes too hot or too cold. Night vision and a built-in microphone ensure high-quality video full and audio recordings. Blink can also send status alerts to inform owners if the Wi-Fi has gone out or the cameras need a battery change.

Blink will continue its Kickstarter campaign through September 4. To learn more about Blink and the
campaign, visit

Immedia Semiconductor, Inc. is a Boston-based technology startup and leading provider of video and image processing chips for connected camera applications. Immedia's breakthrough low power solutions with 3D noise processing and noDRAM technologies enable consumer cameras with unprecedented image quality, battery life, price points and form factors.

Immedia's senior management team previously founded Sand Video, which developed the first ever H.264
decoder chip and was subsequently acquired by Broadcom in 2004. Prior to that the team founded Pixel Magic, which developed the first ever JBIG chip and the world's highest performance JPEG chip and was acquired by Oak Technology.

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