Smart Home Guru smanos on an Award-Winning Journey

smanos, a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems, is pleased to announce the recognition by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Gated Publications - Luxury Beyond the Gates for its product design and innovation.

(July 18th, 2014 - Amsterdam) smanos, a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems, is pleased to announce the recognition by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Luxury Beyond the Gates for its product design and innovation. While smanos is a relatively new smart home technology brand on the market, the forces behind are anything but. A brainchild between Chuango Security Technology Corporation and Chuango Europe B.V., smanos embodies a decade-long commitment to simplistic design and system reliability. Marketed and serviced from Amsterdam, smanos is Chuango's security, monitoring and automation solution portfolio for the global market, targeting especially retail channels with premium consumer electronics and IT/mobile gadgets.

Worldwide, smanos has garnered phenomenal recognition over the past several months, and growth momentum is still accelerating. "After Chuango's flagship G5 GSM Touch Alarm was awarded Product of the Year by the IFSEC International organizer in 2013, we continue to invest significantly in R&D and make great strides in product innovation, design and usability," said Hayden Hsu, Director of Brand Development for smanos. "And we feel privileged yet humbled to be recognized by the CEA as a finalist in the 2014 TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards - Residential Security Product of the Year, and by Gated Publications with a Luxury Beyond the Gates - Seal of Approval." What's being demanded in the residential market these days is smart, simple, sleek, mobile yet compact and integrated ingenuity, and smanos will continue providing just that, with even more remote management and monitoring options.

To deliver what the market needs, what the average homeowner really demands, smanos works with multiple development teams in Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley, in addition to Chuango resources, to make sure the latest hardware/software designs and reliable wireless transmission technologies are embodied in all the solutions, "to make the lives of our channel customers and their end customers easy, secured and environmentally friendly," Hsu explained. User experience and quality assurance are also tried and tested across continents so that most household and daily operation requirements are met with flying colors. "It goes way beyond designing cool-looking GUIs. It's about truly understanding people's lives and empowering them to safeguard and automate their properties with ease."

smanos is also participating in the 2015 iF and Red Dot Design Awards, with its latest W020 that will be debuted at 2014 IFA Berlin. The aesthetically pleasing W020 empowers homeowners to take home automation and security matters into their own hands, wirelessly. With easy WiFi setup on the smartphone app, you get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a smart home within minutes upon opening the box. The W020 picks up your daily routine automatically and pushes notifications to your phone to remind you to safeguard your property and loved ones, or to save on energy bills. Scaling up the system simply requires a few steps on the app to add sensors or accessories, without calling in an expensive installer. Your smart home, you way.

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Hayden Hsu

About smanos
In the picturesque outskirts of Amsterdam (Hoofddorp) came about the inception of smart home technology brand smanos in 2013. Harnessing cutting-edge design concepts and ergonomics, smanos delivers the ultimate user experience of wireless smart home and DIY security systems to households worldwide. Promising more than just a sense of security, smanos also ensures user-definable comfort and convenience, along with mobile accessibility and confirmation. In its pursuit for perfection in human-centric research and design, smanos continues to wow homeowners by putting the smarts of smart home and smart security directly in their hands. Dream big and live smart with smanos now!

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