Raspberry Pi Brings IoT (Internet of Things) to a Home Theater Soundbar; Enables Remote Control from Phones/Tablets, Joins Wi-Fi Network, Streams Music and Internet Radio

Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies releases more details on One Bar, its debut home theater soundbar that actually "talks" differently to each ear for dramatic 3D virtual sound performance.

Pleasanton, CA July 19, 2014

Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies selected Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized Linux computer, to add much-desired functionality to One Bar, its new home theater soundbar.

"We wanted to complement our soundbar's best-in-class 3D virtual sound performance with smart wireless and Internet connectivity," said Marty Zanfino, one of the founders. "Raspberry Pi provided a platform to do all that in a single, compact module. We had to write a lot of code, but Raspberry Pi had the necessary hardware and OS to support the functionality we required."

The list includes remote control via smart phones and tablets, Wi-Fi access point so phones and tablets can connect directly, and the ability to join a home Wi-Fi network to access Internet radio and music sites. Once connected, users enter a URL and One Bar's touchpad remote control keypad appears on their phone's and tablet's displays.

As a soundbar, One Bar packs a strong punch in a home theater market crowded with products but starved in technology. It's the only soundbar with 3D virtual sound technology that uses all 7 surround sound channels to create a huge movie-theater-like soundstage, and is particularly well-suited as a companion product in the rapidly expanding 4K UltraHD TV market. More product details are available at http://www.rightearleftear.com.

"One Bar links IoT (Internet of Things) and the audio world," said Zanfino. "Raspberry Pi's computing power opens doors to truly intelligent decision making and awareness of its surroundings. The next generation will contain more sensors and open connectivity to network-based intelligence."

Initial sales of One Bar have begun in the San Francisco Bay Area and will expand throughout the US and internationally. Customers outside the San Francisco Bay Area can contact the company directly at http://www.rightearleftear.com or call 925-223-8464 to be connected with local AV integrators and custom installers.

About Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies
Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies (http://www.rightearleftear.com) develops leading-edge audio technologies, and designs and manufactures sub-systems and complete audio products. It is located in Pleasanton, Calif., a suburb of Silicon Valley.

For additional product information, sales representative and retailer inquiries or review samples, contact Marty Zanfino (marty(at)rightearleftear(dot)com).

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