Customers can now easily access over 1500 streaming channels

SUNNYVALE, CA - July 15 - Today DVDO® announced the new Roku Ready® certified DVDO QUICK6R™ 4K Ultra HD HDMI® switcher. Customers can now easily access over 1500 streaming channels simply by inserting a Roku® Streaming Stick™ (Roku Ready® Version) * into the MHL port--- no wires or extra remote required.

Like the original Quick6, the Quick6R is specifically designed to upgrade any home entertainment system without replacing the A/V receiver. Its features include instant 4K switching, 3D, Picture-in picture (PIP), as well as InstaPrevue™, a Silicon Image® technology that makes TVs and AV receivers easier to use by taking the guesswork out of switching between HDMI sources. The new Quick6R is specifically designed to support the Roku Streaming Stick (Roku Ready® Version) including a new DVDO remote control capable of controlling all Roku streaming functions and automatic recognition of the Roku stick.

The certified Roku Ready Quick6R is available at an MSRP of $429 from authorized DVDO distributors, dealers and online partners.

DVDO Quick6R Features

Six HDMI inputs including:

- Four (300MHz) 4K Ultra HD capable inputs
- One MHL-enabled inputs to connect mobile devices
- One MHL-enabled port for Roku® Streaming Stick™ *

*Simple Control - no additional remote required to control the Roku®Streaming
*Stick™ (Roku Ready® Version)
*Remote that supports full Roku functionality
*Smart TV capabilities- choose from 1500+ streaming channels in 1080p video quality with the Roku Streaming Stick (Roku Ready Version)

*InstaPrevue technology, to display- live previews of all active inputs
*InstaPort™S single-second port switching technology
*Picture-in-Picture, including dynamic audio swapping
*Audio Return Channel (ARC)
*S/PDIF optical and coax outputs
*Serial port for automation control
*Automatic switching3 modes
*USB for easy firmware update

*Roku® Streaming Stick™ (Roku Ready® Version) is sold separately

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