Celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Digital Signage

To give fans an excellent view of the month-long football festival, the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil, is making untiring efforts and arrangements by launching large-scale digital technology in the Arena Pantanal Stadium in Cuiabá.

As part of the installation, CAYIN supplied a complete digital signage solution, including 122 digital signage players and 2 content management servers. Connecting more than 200 LED and LCD screens, CAYIN is proud to bring fans a whole new visual experience in the 2014 FIFA.

There are 122 CAYIN media players installed in the Arena Pantanal Stadium. By taking advantage of the AV-in function, live games can be broadcasted through big LED and LCD screens to different areas, including the grandstand, VIP rooms, food courts, gift stores, and many more. Fans can instantly capture every moment of the games no matter where they are inside the stadium. The information and wayfinding kiosks are located at the entrances and ticket counters, which can further provide fans with complete information services. Moreover, the dynamic multimedia content can greatly serve as perfect vehicles for promotions or sponsors.

In addition, through the installation of two content management servers, administrators can remotely manage up to 500 media players throughout the stadium. The intelligent scheduling management can also allow the users to update multiple players simultaneously to achieve high-efficiency information delivery and management.

With the growth of digital technology, digital signage has become a new platform for interactive and diverse communication solutions. By adopting CAYIN digital signage solutions, the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil can provide diverse services, including game schedules, live game broadcasts, real-time advertisements, stadium information, and wayfinding.

The Benefits of Stadium Digital Signage
• Convey diverse and real-time multimedia messages
• Energize the overall fan experience
• Empower brands through timely advertising
• Enhance management and service efficiency

Please download the complete case study from CAYIN's website:

Arena Pantanal Stadium in Brief
In this year's host country, Brazil, a total of 64 matches are being played across its 12 cities. One of the venues in Cuiabá, the Arena Pantanal Stadium, was completed in April and served as a venue for many of the matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is also called "O Verd£o" (the big green) stadium since recycled wood was used for its building. Soil and air quality were accurately monitored during the construction, allowing the stadium to achieve sustainability and environmental responsibility. This environment-friendly stadium can accommodate about 44,000 people, and it will also be able to meet different needs during the 2016 Olympics.

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