Kickstarter - New Smart Home Integration Display, LaMetric, Reaches Full Funding in Two Days on Kickstarter

Image removed by sender. Smart Atoms' LaMetric announces new stretch goals for added customization

London - June 26, 2014 - Smart Atoms, a group of tech visionaries, designers and engineers, announces seamless home automation integration with LaMetric, the first standalone, customizable, hackable ticker that tracks key metrics and displays them in real-time. As the Kickstarter project enters its second week, the team at Smart Atoms has created a video showing how simple and easy it is to use LaMetric with several home automations systems like SmartThings, WigWag and Ninja Blocks. Click here to see how LaMetric complements home systems you have to alert you when your child goes somewhere they shouldn't, your garage door is left open or anything else that matters to you concerning your home.

LaMetric is simple and customizable through its app that allows you to combine icons, scrolling text, metrics and changes, goals, days, trends and sounds. Compatible with the internet platform IFTTT that allows you to be alerted to various occurrences though an "if this, then that" rule, LaMetric displays any information you want from the recipes you create on that platform.

The Smart Atoms team took it a step further in their long term vision to deeply integrate with all smart home systems. Currently, users can set up email rules to alert when sensors are triggered. All you have to do is set up the email format to display icon name, message and sound for the alert on your LaMetric.

Smart Atoms' existing platform with WigWag, an internet-based home automation system that uses a "WHEN one action takes place, THEN do this" alert system, you can use the LaMetric display and action buttons to alert you of these occurrences and take action on them. LaMetric can be paired with any product in the WigWag lineup. It's never been simpler to easily see when your kids arrive home, your lights have been turned on or you need to close your garage door.

With funding already surpassing its goal, the Smart Atoms team has announced several stretch goals. At $120,000 of funding, which has now been reached, backers can choose between a black or white LaMetric. At the next level, $170,000, the LaMetric will become a full-fledged speaker capable of streaming news and internet radio, along with the already programmed metrics of choice. If the project reaches $250,000 of funding, backers will be able to create a dashboard by combining several LaMetrics in a row that will act as a single device capable of showing several metrics at once.

With Super Early Bird pledge levels all gone, remaining levels will get you a plug-in LaMetric for $119 at Early Bird Level and $129 for Kickstarter Edition Level. The Lithium-Ion, rechargeable battery-operated LaMetric is $139 at Early Bird and $149 at Kickstarter Edition. You can even get a Life and Business Set with one battery-operated and one plug-in LaMetric for $249 Early Bird and $269 Kickstarter Edition. Two new levels have been added that will get you a dashboard set of three plug-in LaMetrics for $339 or three battery-operated LaMetrics for $399. With the Super Early Birds selling out quickly, get the remaining levels while they last. The campaign runs until August 1.

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About Smart Atoms

Smart Atoms is a small UK company comprised of tech visionaries, designers and engineers where everyone is highly involved in product development and share a passion for productivity gadgets. With their first product, LaMetric, they aim to provide the best productivity gadgets for people and businesses to make huge improvements to their daily activities.

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