The HDMiGrip cable connector's unique lock ensures that it holds securely in place

Loose HDMI cable connections can now become a thing of the past with the new HDMiGrip cable range available from CIE-Group. Featuring the unique 'friction lock' connectors the high quality HDMI cables can prevent the cable from falling out of an AV device socket.

Available from CIE-Group, one of the audio visual industry's longest established providers of equipment for professional audio visual integration and PA sectors, the HDMiGrip cable connector's unique lock ensures that it holds securely in place, but will detach simply by pulling the connector out (without the need for pressing / releasing any locking switches or buttons).

"The HDMiGrip Cable is such a simple, yet great upgrade for the common HDMI cable," comments Chris Edwards, Marketing Director at CIE-Group. The 'friction lock' ensures that there will be no worry of loose connections or pulled out cables which remove one area of stress for the service engineer."
The unique HDMI connectors are fully compatible with standard HDMI sockets and the additional spring latch points feature as standard as part of the plug which holds the cable firmly in place within the socket.

Summary of Key Features:
• Unique friction locking HDMI connectors for secure connectivity
• Prevents loose / faulty connections
• Male-to-Male connectors
• HDMI v1.4 compatible
• Gold-plated connectors
• Compatible with standard HDMI sockets (no special HDMI socket required for friction locking)

HDMiGrip connectors provide an 'un-mating force' of almost double that of standard HDMI connector (requiring 3.8 kg of force to un-mate, compared with 1.96kg for standard HDMI). The HDMiGrip Cable is available in 0.5, 1, 3 and 5 meter lengths.

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One of the AV industry's longest established providers of equipment for the professional audio visual integration and PA sectors, CIE-Group is this year celebrating 50 years in business. The company provides innovative, high quality, cost effective solutions from its comprehensive and diverse portfolio of products to meet the demands of the AV, PA, CCTV, communications and OEM electronics business sectors. As master distributor for leading brands such as Inter-M, Atlas Sound, CYP, Clockaudio, Chiayo, Clever Little Box and Switchcraft; they offer a huge choice of amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, audio visual signal distribution, induction loops, soundfield, CCTV, cables and connectors - all available directly from source.

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