Setting a New Standard in Cellular Signal Analysers

Siretta a leading supplier of wireless product solutions launches a new standard in cellular signal analysers with their the new SNYPER range of high performance cellular signal and network analysers.

Siretta have launched the new SNYPER range of high performance cellular signal and network analysers for the 2G / GPRS and 3G / UMTS networks, with a host of important features for engineers and installers of wireless systems. The new SNYPER builds on Siretta's many years of signal tester experience, and utilises the same design platform used in their advanced wireless terminals and modems. The result is a powerful and easy to use product that aims to deliver market leading performance and functionality, at a highly competitive price.

Commenting on the product launch, Siretta Product Manager Chris Neale said "right from the initial concept, the objective for the SNYPER was to set a new standard for products of this type, and provide real benefits for engineers working in the wireless arena. We are very pleased with how this product and that brief have come together"
Used as an invaluable tool for the surveying and commissioning of wireless systems, the SNYPER can perform a number of different functions to determine optimum antenna placement, performance of existing installations or choice of network operator. A summary page feature allows network operator choice to be made based on both signal strength and number of usable cells, with all data visible concurrently. Additionally a range of signal strength thresholds within the summary page can provide a more concise view where only signals above a certain dB level are of interest.

The menus and operation of the SNYPER have been designed to be as logical and intuitive as possible. A large high contrast LCD display ensures that all information is clearly visible, and also allows for the presentation of considerable data at the same time. The SNYPER also supports the customisation of settings including automatic power off, charging rate, display colour and contrast. Operating without the need for a SIM, the SNYPER automatically stores the last survey performed, and this remains available for recall and review even after power off, until a new survey is made.

The SNYPER is supplied with a compact antenna which can also be removed to allow direct connection of an on-site antenna, via SMA connector. This is particularly useful in determining the performance, or optimum network operator, for an existing fixed installation.

The SNYPER is supplied in its own hard carrying case for continuous professional use over many years, with a robust enclosure and rubber surround providing additional shock protection. The unit can be charged with the supplied multi region power supply, or by connection to any USB port. A long life rechargeable battery provides up to 48 hours of use between charges, making the SNYPER a highly portable solution. The unit will also automatically power down after a period of inactivity, maximising battery life.

Read more about the new SNYPER range of high performance cellular signal and network analysers on the Siretta Website

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