InfoComm 2014 - The Business of Digital Signage to be Discussed at Display Summit

Display Summit (formerly Projection Summit) focuses on new and emerging display-related products, technologies and applications in professional AV markets

Digital Signage is an important part of our lives and a market segment that is driving developments in displays, human interfaces, content interactivity and more. A session at the upcoming Display Summit will bring together experts in the field to explore the business aspects of this dynamic segment.

Demands for the display technologies used in Digital Signage vary by application and can be quite different from other applications like home entertainment, cinema, mobile phones, and the like. Together with the business requirements that drive Digital Signage today, there are many topics that are still developing.

Display Summit is must see conference about new display-based solutions and how they may influence the display industry in coming years. The Digital Signage session will be moderated by David Keene from New Bay Media, and features several speakers that take a closer look at the business environment Digital Signage is facing.
• Nedi Nadershahi, CTO at Silicon Core Technologies, believes the LED video wall segment needs standardization development. To support his case, he will discuss the advantages of standardizing the interfaces, which will facilitate upgrades in the overall architecture of these displays.
• Analyst Todd Fender from NPD DisplaySearch will explore the state of the digital signage industry by analyzing the revenue stream over the past years. With a flat sales volume over the last two years many new projects have been postponed in hope of a more favorable financial and economical environment.
• Daniel Parisien, CEO at BroadSign International, will discuss the challenges of recouping investments in the digital signage space. With more interest in out of home networks, advertising dollars are increasing revenue in the industry. However, this money does not reach the AV professional as they are one step removed from this revenue stream. His talk will discuss ways that ProAV businesses could participate in this market to increase the need for their services.

• Lyle Bunn, a well-known digital signage expert and trainer, will focus in on how digital signage is evolving into a market segment that is mainly driven by return of investment rather than technological marvels. He will explain what this means for the whole value chain and ways to take advantage of this trend.

Display Summit 2014 takes place on Monday, June 16 through Tuesday, June 17 in the Las Vegas Hotel. The event is focused on InfoComm participants and offers a venue to learn more about the professional AV industry. Covering the two days before the InfoComm exhibition opens, it is convenient for InfoComm visitors to join this conference for some behind the scenes views of what is next in the professional display markets.

You can learn more about Display Summit at and register for the event.

Display Summit is organized by Insight Media a market research firm focused on the display industry and publisher of Please contact Chris Chinnock ( for more information.

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Display Summit 2014
Monday June 16, 2014 at 8:30 AM PDT -to- Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 5:30 PM PDT
Display Summit (formerly Projection Summit) focuses on new and emerging display-related products, technologies and applications in professional AV markets. The event will describe and showcase important developments from pixel generation through pixel processing and distribution, right to the display system.
Ballrooms C , F&G , LVH Hotel and Casino

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