InfoComm 2014 - Gefen Attending InfoComm 2014

Gefen will be exhibiting at InfoComm 2014, presenting its new logo and brand identity, reflecting a strategic new direction that builds upon the Gefen legacy with practical innovations in digital connectivity.

Gefen will be exhibiting at InfoComm 2014, presenting its new logo and brand identity, reflecting a strategic new direction that builds upon the Gefen legacy with practical innovations in digital connectivity.

Building on its innovative, award wining portfolio, Gefen will be showcasing a fully immersive simulator allowing attendees to experience real-time uncompressed Wireless HD video extension.

Other solutions available for hands-on-demonstration include Gefen's new combination software suite, HDBaseT extension solutions, IP and RS-232 connectivity for legacy systems and 4k Ultra HD workflows.

Key Product Demonstrations include:

Wireless for HD 60GHz with HD Video Wall Controller

Attendees will be able to experience first-hand the near-zero latency of Gefen's Wireless for HD 60GHz extender. The sender unit will beam hi-def visuals from a live-action racing simulator, the Gefen Mark V, in the booth to the four panel video wall mounted in front of them. Gefen's HD Video Wall Controller's picture-in-picture functionality will simultaneously show the driver and the racetrack visuals. Gefen's Extender for HDMI over One Fiber solution will also be utilized to beam hi-def visuals to the TV One booth, Gefen's sister company also demonstrating at InfoComm. All racing scores will be recorded with the Gefen Cup being awarded to the lucky winner at the close of the show.

Integrated Software Suite from Gefen

For the first time ever, Gefen unveils its new software suite of tools, to be included with all Gefen hardware beginning in 2015. Included are advanced EDID management tools such as: a discovery protocol that automatically locates Gefen devices on a network, allowing for remote configuration; an EDID Plus tool that detects and generates EDID for remote control connectivity; and an EDID Generator, which allows integrators to create EDID information from scratch and/or edit EDID for unique installation scenarios. Additionally, this will allow all Gefen hardware to be automatically, remotely upgraded to the newest firmware available using IP connectivity.

4k Ultra HD Extender over Fiber

This new solution delivers resolutions up to 4k (3840x2160@30Hz) with RS-232 and bi-directional IR using one SC-terminated fiber optic cable. It is effective up to 2000 meters (6600 ft.) in distance. RS-232 offers an easy method of system automation and control while bi-directional IR provides access from both local and extended locations.

4K Ultra HD Extender ELR (Extra Long Range) Extender POL (Power over Line)

End users can extend HDMI with RS-232 and bi-directional IR up to 150 meters (490 ft.) at 1080p full HD and up to 100 meters (330 ft.) at 4k Ultra HD. POL provides power to the receiver unit using the same single CAT-5 cable, alleviating the need for an external power supply at the receiver side. Content is delivered with near zero latency using industry-standard CAT-5 cabling combined with Gefen's ELR implementation of the HDBaseT.

DVI ELR Extender

Designed to provide a viable alternative to Gefen's standard, 100 meter-range extension solutions, this solution provides an expanded 50-meter extension beyond 100 meters. It uses small sender and receiver units to transmit 1920x1200 video resolutions from the computer to extended location. One CAT-5 cable connects the sender to the receiver. The increased range provides end users with a cost effective option when delivering video to a remote location.

DVI Extender w/Galvanic Isolator

This extender sends DVI up to 40 meters in distance with one CAT-6a cable or up to 30 meters with one CAT-5e cable. Video resolutions are supported up to 1920x1200. Gefen includes galvanic isolation for sensitive installation environments such as medical or healthcare-related fields. It provides up to 5kV of isolation between the source and connected downstream equipment. Without galvanic isolation, the physical connection between the two could increase the risk of electric shock or potentially system damage.

IP to Dual RS-232 Converter

Bi-directional communication is enabled between any two RS-232 devices and any IP-enabled device using this Converter. It supports the RS-232C format and all baud rates up to 115,200. Older devices can now accept commands when paired with an automation system. Designed to simplify the integration of today's control systems with older, non-IP devices, this converter works with all equipment using RS-232, such as older Gefen scalers and matrix switchers.

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About Gefen

Gefen elevates system performance by making connectivity and signal management seamless. With a heritage of practical innovation, Gefen provides timely and intuitive connectivity products and solutions that bridge the gaps between rapidly advancing technology and real-world applications. We reinforce our commitment to high quality, problem-solving products with dedicated service and support, backed by the resources of the Nortek family of companies. By solving real problems with intuitive connectivity, Gefen helps maximize the value of integrated systems.

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Introducing the revolutionary Comelit Visto Smart Doorbell

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