Denon's New Envaya Bluetooth® Speaker - for Sensational Sound On-the-go

Sensational sound on-the-go is now a reality as Denon® Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products, introduces the Denon Envaya DSB200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Designed and engineered for consumers looking for exceptional musical performance from a portable speaker, the Denon Envaya delivers the goods for those who want to enjoy better and bigger sound.

Mahwah, NJ April 23, 2014

As easy to carry as a wallet, as suave as a tailored suit, with striking color combinations to match, Denon's dapper new Envaya DSB200 is this season's musical must have. The model lets users revel in their favorite songs wherever they may be, thanks to its patented audio technologies.

With its personalized styling that comes in two different finishes - high gloss white and matte black - and a choice of four beautiful fabrics - Lunar, Sunset, Fandango and Indigo - there is a color for every occasion.

While it's clean, classy lines catch the eye, the rugged metal grille and sturdy construction is just as pleasing to the touch. It also means Envaya is tough enough to withstand all the trials and tribulations of travel.

Envaya delivers music collections in beautiful CD quality, connecting wirelessly to all Bluetooth designs. Devices with aptX® capability can enjoy completely lossless audio transfer for superb sound quality. What's more, if Envaya is used to watch movies on the move, it isn't affected by those irritating 'lip sync' issues that plague other models thanks to an incredibly low latency of just 32ms. To make life even easier, Envaya reconnects to the Bluetooth device, automatically remembering any model. For ultimate connection flexibility there is also the option of an auxiliary input.

The premium audio performance is underlined by the 100-year hi-fi know-how of renowned audio guru Denon, a company that continues to lead the industry in creating the best sounding products.

The Envaya portable Bluetooth speaker incorporates two proprietary 57mm full range drivers to deliver great audio performance whilst a 100mm passive radiator ensures a deep and tight bass response. Advanced, patented Denon Digital Sound processing, proprietary amplification and extensive European sound tuning ensures the Envaya delivers Denon's renowned sound quality.

The simple grab-and-go design is completely portable with a rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of playback on board. Envaya even looks after your mobile devices, being able to recharge any smartphone or tablet from its USB port while the user is out and about. Envaya also comes with an innovative built-in stand - just squeeze the device for the stand to appear - meaning the model can be placed wherever suits. Rubber footer on the bottom adds worry-free stability.

When it's time for a bit of quiet Envaya can be tucked away in the optional sleek neoprene carrying case, which protects it from scratches and chips, even whilst travelling the roughest of roads. Completing the package is an extra compartment that gives phones, MP3 players and other accessories - such as a USB cable - a safe place to call home.
and beyond.

At a glance:
Denon Envaya DSB200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Key Features

*Denon developed a stereo speaker system with dual 57mm drivers and a 100mm passive radiator that are integrated with a suite of patented digital processing technologies to provide extraordinary sound reproduction

*Available in black or white with four Interchangeable grille cloth covers (Lunar, Indigo, Fandango, and Sunset)

*Bluetooth® aptX® Low Latency streaming offers CD quality audio

*Incredibly fast and easy Bluetooth pairing

*Integrated Stand: squeeze and pop-out kick-stand with rubber foot for stable placement on any surface

*AUX input connects any devices with an analogue audio output

*USB Mobile charging: charges mobile devices on-the-go

*Up to 10 hours rechargeable battery life

*Quick charging (2.5 hours)

*100-240V power adapter, includes multiple plugs for use throughout the world

*Dimensions (WxHxD) 10.04 x 5.51 x 1.89 inches

*Weight: 3.3lbs.

*Price $199

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