PS Audio's DirectStream DAC Debuts at Axpona/Chicago

Revolutionary all-DSD DAC can be auditioned in Room 434 of the Westin O'Hare, Friday 4/25-Sunday 4/27/2014

Boulder, CO: April 21, 2014-PS Audio, manufacturer of fine audio equipment for over 40 years, will present the extraordinary new DirectStream DAC for the first time at an audio show this weekend, at Axpona/Chicago.

PS Audio founder Paul McGowan will personally demonstrate DirectStream Friday and Saturday in Room 434, shared with longtime dealer Underwood HiFi, and utilizing Emerald Physics amps and speakers. As source for his demos, Paul will be using a Mac Mini-based server, a project he recently described in "Paul's Posts". Walter Liederman of Underwood HiFi will also be demonstrating DirectStream on Sunday, the show's final day.

DirectStream's unique architecture, which converts all incoming signals into DSD, has been the focus of discussion and controversy in the audiophile community since its announcement in March of this year. Full details of DirectStream, including presentations from Paul and lead designer Ted Smith, can be found here.

DirectStream offers state-of-the-art playback of all types of digital files, but perhaps most significantly, unlocks the music hidden in old PCM recordings and CDs. Listener after listener has reached the same conclusion as that reached by DSD pioneer Gus Skinas: "The PCM through DirectStream…is the best I have ever heard."

Show hours at Axpona are 10 AM-6 PM Friday and Saturday; 10 AM-4 PM, Sunday.

About DirectStream : Announced in March, 2014, DirectStream DAC was first shipped to dealers and distributors in April. MSRP is $5995 in the US; pricing in overseas markets will vary. As part of their continuing program of supporting all owners of PS Audio products, PS offers upgrades of existing PerfectWave DACs to full DirectStream specification.

About PS Audio : Founded by Paul McGowan and Stan Warren in 1973, PS Audio has a long history of offering innovative designs at affordable prices.

PS has been an industry leader in the fields of power-regeneration, phono preamplifiers, DACs and transports. PS Audio's administration, engineering and manufacturing facilities are all located in Boulder, Colorado. All core products are fully made in the USA.

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