Winter Park, FL - March 28, 2014 - UniKey, the industry leader in smart access control technology, announced today that it has released updates to the firmware in the Kevo lock, enabling quicker and easier calibration, performance and speed enhancements, as well as security updates.

With more than 100,000 units shipped, Kevo powered by UniKey remains the only keyless Bluetooth residential door lock on the market. UniKey continues to make its access control solution more convenient than any other traditional lock, while also eliminating the need for keys, PINs and passwords, without compromising design or security.

In the latest firmware update, speed enhancements have been made to UniKey's Touch-to-Open™ technology to unlock your deadbolt faster via touch. Kevo owners and users should notice a decrease in the amount of time it takes to open the lock. Security updates are also continuously implemented, using multiple military grade level encryption to ensure Kevo is secure.

The update also includes app interface enhancements during calibration of the Inside vs. Outside Intelligence™, which is made possible by UniKey's patented antenna technology residing on the exterior and interior side of the deadbolt. This solution allows Kevo to differentiate when you are physically inside the home or outside the home, eliminating accidental unlocks when you're walking near the door.

"We are always making Kevo better by creating a process of continuous improvement. We know how important security is, but we also know that in order to have a world where your phone will ultimately replace everyday keys, we have to make the process as simple as possible," said Phil Dumas, UniKey President. "Our product already makes everyday life easier; we're taking it one step forward to make it better and more convenient in every way.

For more information on UniKey, please visit www.unikey.com. Follow UniKey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and Google+.

About UniKey
UniKey's access control technology powers the first keyless entry system that can be integrated into any lock. UniKey's technology replaces keys, codes and passwords by turning your smartphone into a convenient, universal electronic key. This technology affords secure and intelligent access by simply touching your lock without removing your phone from your pocket or purse. Serving the mass market by licensing its technology, UniKey works in partnership with market leading companies, including Kwikset for the Kevo Bluetooth residential door application.

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