Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI 2 doubles options for SDI distribution over Coax and IP

The heart of the technology shift is a totally new dual-channel encoder that also adds new capabilities to the QMOD product line.

Dallas, TX - March 26, 2014 - Contemporary Research is previewing its new QMOD-SDI 2 HD Modulator/IPTV Encoder at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas April 7 through 10. Introduced at the 2009 NAB Show, the original QMOD-SDI dramatically reduced the cost of distributing HD-SDI over RF coax.

"The revolution continues with the QMOD-SDI 2, which has the ability to deliver two HD-SDI streams over RF and IPTV. It retails for $3,600 - nearly half the cost per channel of the original QMOD-SDI," says Contemporary Research President Scott Hetzler.

The heart of the technology shift is a totally new dual-channel encoder that also adds new capabilities to the QMOD product line. Integral scaling can accept 3G SDI, 59.94/60 Hz video as well as international 50 and 25 Hz formats. An optional upgrade key adds the ability to cross-convert resolutions, such as scaling all input formats to 720p or 1080i.

Embedded or SPDIF AC-3 audio will pass through to the channel, and stereo AES, PCM or analog audio will be converted to stereo AC-3. In addition, encoding supports dual-language audio channels.

Embedded 608/708 captioning is added to the encoding, as well as Line 21 data on the unit's dual Composite/CC inputs. Each of the two SDI inputs is matched by coax SPIDF and analog stereo audio inputs, so that audio can be added when it's not embedded.

In a novel innovation, the QMOD-SDI2 can send the encoder's dual-program MPEG-2 Transport Stream over RF as a QAM channel and/or over Ethernet as an IPTV stream - multicast or unicast. In the future, the encoder can be updated for MPEG4 or other standards as they arise. The unit's 1G IP port also supports onboard Web pages, setup, monitoring and firmware updates.

"Change creates new demands and opportunities. Once you start a revolution, you have to start thinking about what's trending now and in the future.

"For us, that next revolution is triggered by a totally new solution for encoding; dual channels to reduce distribution costs, integral scaling to fix feeds that aren't exactly perfect, and expanding opportunities for both RF and IP applications. It is fitting that the next step again begins at the NAB Show," Hetzler stated.

Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge, professional quality QMOD HD Modulator-IPTV Encoders, HDTV display control systems, and fully controllable ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners.

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