ISC West the First to See the World's First 4K Video Surveillance Mini Dome Camera

Sentry360 is a developer of application-driven, multi-megapixel network cameras.

PLAINFIELD, Ill.--There was never any doubt that the evolution of CCTV would happen and eventually it would and should catch up to the consumer market. Wouldn't that be only right? Shouldn't the evidence collected in the public and private sectors, used to prosecute criminals, at least compare to the quality we can consume for home entertainment? The only doubt was how and by whom? Today, in a town outside Chicago, Illinois, a small yet emerging company has changed everything. Sentry360, known for its panoramic technology, announces the prototype launch of the world's first 4k resolution mini dome designed for mass markets of surveillance users.

There's been much debate globally on the adoption of 4K resolution as a standard in the commercial market and bringing it into your home. In the surveillance industry this is a non-issue and Sentry360 predicts by 2016 4K will be the new resolution standard within the video surveillance market. Sentry360 CEO Thomas Carnevale explains, "In video surveillance we care about capturing evidence. Surveillance operators don't need a 70-inch 4K monitor to digitally zoom in and identify a license plate or suspect's face- what they need is the image quality and pixel density."

When Sentry360 investigated bringing a 4K camera to market over a year ago it was determined that the impact of the product would be dependent on several key factors.

1. Form factor/Size: Typically when new products are made in this category they start off big and clunky. The IS-DM4K is a 4" x 2" miniature dome which fits in the palm of your hand.

2. Compatibility: New products traditionally have issues working with old or existing systems. The debut of the 4K product line by Sentry360 will come standard with Onvif Profile S protocol allowing configuration, motion detection, multicasting, and most importantly the first Ultra HD camera to have open standards making it compatible with several hundred Onvif conformant video management platforms.

3. Market value/Price: Even if there was an obvious enhancement in image quality the debate would continue on price-per-unit vs. total overall resolution benefit.

With the new 4K mini dome, IS-DM4K, Sentry360 has manufactured a compact (easy-to-install), open-architecture, and cost effective camera designed for mass markets of surveillance users. The prototype will be unveiled officially in the Sentry360 booth (number 6117) at the International Security Conference (ISC West) in Las Vegas, Nevada April 2-4 2014.

Sentry360 is a developer of application-driven, multi-megapixel network cameras. With a concise product line of 180°, 360°, HD and Ultra HD cameras up to 14 megapixels, Sentry360 believes in the single sensor/single lens philosophy for Directional and Omni-Directional surveillance. Sentry360's successful markets include Retail, Transportation, Industrial, Education, Banking, Oil and Gas, and Corrections.

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