Small and portable device, Jalousier, takes smart control over venetian blinds

Product Overview Jalousier is the first portable and truly smart device to automate your window blinds. It clips onto existing venetian blinds and works automatically to adjust position of slats according to the room temperature, lighting conditions, changing weather and time of day.

Are your window blinds still in the Stone Age? Jalousier will turn them smart.

Small and portable device, Jalousier, takes smart control over venetian blinds, based on preset temperature goals, light preferences and sunlight intensity.
Internet of Things and Home Automation are recent buzzwords. We have seen dozens of smart locks, sockets, lamps, but windows were left neglected. As recently as yesterday, you could automate your window blinds either by spending weekends on connecting your Arduino to screwdriver, or dipping into your pocket to order costly and limited control motorized blinds from somewhere in the 90s.
But now a young startup is bringing its Jalousier device onto Isn't it high time to revolutionize window automation?
Jalousier clips onto existing venetians and automatically adjusts slats according to the changing weather, time of day, room temperature and lighting conditions, thus cutting down your time and energy wastes. The team claims to save seventy-two hours of your free time and redeem the cost of three devices in a year by letting more sunshine into your homes. Not bad!
Imagine a room that fits your comfort level and you haven't even touched the thermostat or puzzled head over the right angle for slats. Pretty smart?
iOS or Android app allows for gesture and remote control of blinds and customizable settings. Built-in Wi-Fi, ZigBee and open API will seamlessly integrate your blinds into any existing smart home system.
Jalousier is designed for do-it-yourself installation in seconds with no tools required. The portability of the unit makes it perfect for the renter's market.
Price, easy installation, savings of time and energy may be the most obvious advantages to automating your windows with Jalousier. But it also has other additional features. Each Jalousier comes with a CordBox, a small box with cord retracting mechanism to create a safer environment for small children and pets.
"It also offers endless possibilities of customization, like syncing your blinds with an alarm clock, shared access with family, and getting a reminder to look outside to see a brilliant moon or even the first snowfall of the year," states Sergey Vinogradov, the head of the family team.
The company is gearing up for full-scale production. But, the design and production team need your help to make it happen. Limited Launch Day Sale: for $99 you receive a Wi-Fi+ZigBee Jalousier by October, 2014. The campaign has set several stretch goals to give space for Jalousier potential. Invest more money and you receive more functionality.

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