Dream Big, Live Smart with Chuango at CeBIT 2014

Chuango Security Technology, a trend-setting innovator and developer of wireless DIY security and smart home systems, is proudly announcing its brand new brand, smanos, at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover this week. The complete smanos smart home portfolio speaks self-install and is available at Hall 13/ A35.

(Mar 10th, 2014 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands) Chuango Security Technology, a trend-setting innovator and developer of wireless DIY security and smart home systems, is proudly announcing its brand new brand at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover this week. "We are excited to present our new brand, smanos, to the worldwide market," said Ken Li, founder and CEO of Chuango. "Designed and engineered in Europe, smanos is our complete security, monitoring and automation system lineup for average homeowners like you. To our existing and potential partners and clients, we would like to emphasize that we are truly committed to delivering even more innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use smart home solutions."

The complete smanos smart home portfolio speaks self-install or DIY, and is available at A35 / Hall 13 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds in the next four days. From wireless, app-enabled alarm and automation systems to remote energy and security management, the solutions cater to today's homeowners' digital/mobile lifestyles and ensure they have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few short minutes and easy steps.

New products on display and under the new smanos brand include the W and X series. "The W100 Wi-Fi/PSTN alarm system doubles the protection with system redundancy, so that preprogrammed numbers always get the call when an alarm is triggered. It also comes with an unobtrusive touch keypad, with a much longer lifespan than mechanical keys, and a preset arm/disarm schedule that can easily blend in your daily routine," said Brian Borghardt, GM of Chuango Europe. "The X300/X500 come in sleek, award-winning form factors and work at 868 MHz for higher reliability and interoperability, while supporting smartphone operation and remote GPRS firmware upgrades through GSM commands." For more, be sure to check out the smanos stand at CeBIT.

To ensure smanos partners and distributors in the EMEA region get the attention, support, service and product updates that they deserve, the company is earmarking more resources to foster the U.K., Scandinavia/Benelux, Western/Southern Europe, Turkey and South Africa in terms of geography, and ICT/consumer electronics chains, home improvement outlets and e-commerce sites in terms of channel development, Borghardt stressed. "Our local European team is ready to serve and listen to what's demanded in the region - from the design and logistics center that's just five minutes away from Schiphol Airport - so that our partners and their end customers can 'set it and forget it.'"

Companywide, Chuango has experienced triple-digit growth over the past 12 months, with EMEA being a significant contributor, and the momentum is still picking up worldwide. What is being demanded in the residential market these days is smart, simple, sleek, mobile yet compact and integrated ingenuity, and Chuango and smanos will continue providing just that, with even more energy-saving and management options.

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About smanos
Designed and engineered in Europe, smanos is a brand new brand developed by Chuango Security Technology, which has pioneered and specialized in wireless smart home technology, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management, since 2001. The company is rapidly expanding its global network, with products and systems R&D'd in Fuzhou and Taipei, designed in Shenzhen and Amsterdam, created and packaged in Shenzhen, and brought to life worldwide.

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