Bollente's trutankless™ Receives ETL Listed Mark as Best Home Tech Product Award from NAHB Creates Significant Buzz and Big Demand for "The World's Smartest Water Heater"

The first units have shipped, and production of trutankless™ shifts into full gear.

PHOENIX, March 10, 2014 -- Bollente Companies, Inc. ("OTCQB: BOLC") today announced that it has received the ETL Listed Mark for trutankless™, verifying that the product has been independently tested and meets all applicable published safety standards. Heralded as the "World's Smartest Water Heater," trutankless™ is already generating a tremendous amount of buzz-recently picking up the award for Best Home Technology Product from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Production is getting into full swing to meet the growing demand, and the first shipments of units went out last week.

"Receiving ETL certification for the trutankless brand of whole-house tankless water heaters was the last step before Bollente could begin wide-scale sales and marketing efforts," said Michael Stebbins, co-founder of Bollente, Inc. "The company caught a glimpse of the pent up demand for its tankless products with its launch into the marketplace at the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the feedback on the first installations has all been very positive. As a result, Bollente had to increase production to meet demand."

Intertek is one of the world's largest testing, inspection and certification companies with more than 60 laboratories across North and South America, Europe and Asia delivering electrical safety testing and certification for products worldwide.

According to the Intertek website, "The ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance (electrical and other safety standards) to North American safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the U.S. and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product safety. Retail buyers accept it on products they're sourcing. And every day, more and more consumers recognize it on products they purchase as a symbol of safety. The ETL Mark is the fastest growing safety certification in North America and is featured on millions of products sold by major retailers and distributors every day."

"It's the product launch that every company dreams of," said COO Derrick Mains, who was recently invited to speak to builders and industry professionals at IBS in Las Vegas. His presentation, entitled "If These Walls Could Talk", addressed the emergence of smart home appliances and their capacity to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and increase customer retention and satisfaction. "Our debut at IBS in February was phenomenal. We received a great deal of interest from builders, industry professionals and press-and now it's game time."

About trutankless™:

Packed with patent-pending proprietary technology, trutankless™ is engineered to outperform and outlast both its tank and tankless predecessors in energy efficiency, output, and durability. Not only does it provide endless hot water on demand for a whole household, it also integrates with home automation systems and has its own app (iOS/AOS), which allows homeowners to control water temperature to within one degree, obtain service notifications, and monitor usage from their mobile devices. Because hot water is such an intimate and essential part of daily life, this is a highly meaningful new "Internet of Things" player in the arena of smart home tech.

About the Company:

Founded in 2010, trutankless™, a division of Bollente Companies, Inc. ("OTCQB: BOLC"), was brought to life through the combined insight, ingenuity, and drive of industry professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs. The objective was to create a line of electric tankless water heaters that far surpasses traditional tank water heaters in energy efficiency, output, dependability and environmental sustainability while overcoming the frustrating drawbacks of other tankless units on the market today.

The trutankless™ mission is to efficiently provide hot water on demand by combining smart engineering with forward-thinking technologies that save homeowners money, energy, and space. For more information, please visit:

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