Libratone Liberates Sound with '360 Scandinavian'

Danish speaker company introduces fresh brand identity and challenges consumers to get more from their sound systems

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--In anticipation of the next wave of product updates, Danish audio pioneer, Libratone, today announces a renewed brand identity. Adopting the tagline '360 Scandinavian,' the company will focus more on its Nordic roots, drawing attention to the Scandinavian aesthetic and audio expertise. The new branding rolls out across the website and social media channels initially, followed with packaging, point of sales, and an ad campaign shortly after.

Innovation and experience have been the main drivers behind Libratone's success since the brand launched in 2009. Looking into the future, the Copenhagen-based company will continue to carve a niche in the audio market, developing products with a unique design and an emphasis on the wireless and portable sound experience, proving that there are products available that both look and sound great.

"Libratone's Scandinavian design aesthetic and audio roots really set its speakers apart from the rest," said Libratone Inc. CEO Gregg Stein. "Historically, speakers have always been the eyesore in the room, black and steely, boxy and big with cluttered cables. Libratone wanted to change that and succeeded by uniting visual design and acoustics. Our new brand identity articulates our vision and will ensure that we deliver a clear and consistent brand message in North America."

The versatile Libratone speakers are designed to look the part in any room, from any angle. Unlike conventional speakers, which tend to have a masculine appeal, Libratone speakers are unisex. All models (Live, Lounge, Loop and Zipp) come with Italian wool covers in a wide range of colors that can easily be changed to suit individual tastes or home d©cor. Italian wool is an iconic part of Libratone's trademark design but was also chosen for its acoustic transmission qualities, complimenting the FullRoom™ technology inside every speaker.

Libratone's patented FullRoom technology is a 360° sound experience, unlike conventional speakers which have a 'sweet spot' directly in front of the speaker. Similar to an acoustic instrument, FullRoom™ technology disperses sound in all directions for an unrivalled experience.

Scandinavians have long held on to the belief that a piece of electronic equipment must do more than emit incredible audio. It must carry its own weight in a large room, and look as good as it sounds. In the Scandinavian design tradition, every inch of a space works together in harmony to create a warm environment. This is the aesthetic code of the 'Made in Denmark' quality stamp and one Libratone adheres to with '360 Scandinavian'.

About Libratone

Libratone is a Danish-based audio company that creates sound systems for today. That's it.

Our approach is threefold: Wireless technology, hi-fi quality, and Scandinavian design - in one sound source.

Our goal is to add a new high-end audio dimension to smartphones, tablets and computers worldwide and to deliver an alternative to clumsy stereo systems and the wire-havoc they wreak. All without compromising the sound experience.

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