BitWise Controls Announces Nest Module for Easy Setup and Integration of Popular Learning Thermostat into BitWise Control Systems

Module Now Available to Integrators Via the BitWise Online Store

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO - FEB. 24, 2014 - BitWise Controls, a leading innovator of powerful and flexible control and automation systems, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new Nest Module to its robust lineup of third-party templates and modules available to BitWise Controls dealers. These modules-single files containing pre-configured GUI content and device programming-make it easier for integrators to set up, design, and install various subsystems, such as Nest learning thermostats. Each module is available for download at the Bitwise Dealer Store, where the integrator can see his or her entire module purchase history, making it simple to provide updates, additions, and enhancements to BitWise systems in the future.

"The BitWise Controls Nest Module makes it incredibly simple for integrators to add Nest thermostats to the BitWise platform," says Mark Buster, Chief Technology Officer of BitWise Controls. "By downloading the Nest Module from our Online Dealer Store, integrators will be able to immediately offer slick integration of the Nest Learning Thermostat into their customer's BitWise Controls systems."

The Nest Module is packed with features. Integrators are able to add a virtual Nest thermostat to their projects in seconds. The user interface is created automatically, and closely replicates the look of the Nest thermostat on the wall. The module lets the customer securely log in with Nest account credentials and will support multiple Nest thermostats, all via the BitWise Controls platform. Integrators can program the HVAC mode and set points, such as 'Cool', 'Heat', or 'Off', as well as turn the 'Away' mode on or off. Humidifier control and Advanced Fan mode (including 'Timer' and 'Every Day' modes) are also supported. Finally, an easy-to-access 10-day usage graph for more thorough energy-usage monitoring is available from the GUI.

The BitWise Controls Nest Module requires iOS devices running iOS7 or higher, and is compatible with automation projects that use BC1, BC2, and BC4 controllers. More information about the new BitWise Nest Module can be obtained here.

For more information, contact Katye (McGregor) Bennett of KMB Communications by phone, +1(425) 328-8640 or email,

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About Nest

Nest reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat and smoke alarm. The company focuses on delighting customers with simple, beautiful and thoughtful hardware, software and services. The Nest Learning Thermostat™ and Nest Energy Services offerings address home energy consumption, and Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ will help keep people safe. Nest products are sold in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, and are installed in more than 90 countries. The Nest Learning Thermostat has helped save more than 1,000,000,000 kWh of energy to date. Nest is privately funded and based in Palo Alto, Calif. For more information, visit

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