CE Marketing Pros Opens CE Wire Content Service

New service gives CE marketers easy access to content for their newsletters, social media and other forms of customer outreach

Baltimore, MD - February 19, 2104 - Today veteran CE marketing executives Paul DiComo and Al Ballard announced the opening of CE Wire (www.cemarketingpros.com/ce-wire), a content source for Consumer Electronics brand and retail marketers. With CE Wire, marketers can view and purchase articles written specifically for CE audiences by authoritative authors such as Darryl Wilkinson, Mike Mettler, Al Griffin, Geoff Morrison and other credible CE authorities. Subject matter covers a broad spectrum of topics that educate, inform and engage CE consumers including how-to guides, music, movies, technology and lifestyle. Licensed content can be used in all customer outreach vehicles such as email newsletters, websites, blogs and social media.

The most successful brands regularly keep in touch and stay top of mind with their customers (end-users and channel partners) via blogs, newsletters and social media as a means to grow their sales and improve customer retention. But many marketing executives lack the time and resources to create engaging content. CE Wire solves that problem with an easy to use website where marketers can peruse articles and license their use. CE Wire accepts orders for custom content precisely tuned to a client's needs as well.

Also available through this new service are turnkey customer contact programs for companies that do not have a customer communication resources and infrastructure in place. CEMP can handle the entire process from campaign manager set up, to list management, to custom promotional content, engaging articles, distribution and results measurement.

"Nobody likes to feel like they're being 'sold to;' but most brand-to-customer communication vehicles are purely propaganda," said CE Marketing Pros co-founder Paul DiComo. "People are more interested in reading content that informs, educates and entertains. Mix that material into your communication vehicles and social media, and customers are more likely to read your promotional messages."

Beyond making sense as a means to drive sales, compelling content also improves search rank.

"In today's environment, content is indeed king," said DiComo. "With the advent of new Google search algorithms that reward authoritative content, it is more important than ever for marketers to look beyond on-line brochure-ware to add engaging content to their websites, social media and communications."

For more information about CE Wire please visit http://www.cemarketingpros.com/ce-wire/ or contact Paul DiComo at pdicomo@CE-Pros.com (410) 458-3176.

About CE Marketing Pros

CE Marketing Pros is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in helping Consumer Electronics brands and retailers stand out in a crowded and confusing marketplace. CEMP's founders and managing partners are Paul DiComo and Al Ballard, former marketing executives at two of the most successful CE brands. www.cemarketing pros.com

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