What's Next After Nest? Introducing Loxone Inc.

Finally a Simple Solution for Home Automation

Lexington, KY February 18, 2014

With the recently Wired announced the news of Google's purchase of Nest for $3.2 billion*, the world has turned its attention to smart home technology, but what's next after Nest? True Nest offers a beautiful product with great features controlling temperature and smoke detection, but what about the rest of the home?

Loxone exceeds the current market of island solutions into a comprehensive Smart Home. Finally a simple Smart Home Solution that is affordable. "We believe in a true no limits total home solution, the future has arrived in home automation technology," said Chris Raab, CEO of Loxone Inc. Partners and customers often refer to Loxone as the 'Apple of home automation'. Loxone is modular, highly configurable and can be used with any device, whether it's a normal light switch, push button, PC, Smartphone, tablet, (iOS or Android).

Welcome Home

Loxone provides cutting edge technology with an easy to use solution to savvy homeowners who crave an affordable alternative to home automation. The Miniserver based smart home provides complete automation control to all common challenges such as lighting, ceiling fans, climate, security and multimedia. The system is modular and can be expanded at any time.

Never Walk Into a Dark Room Again

Walk into a room that senses presence and lights illuminate automatically. When in the kitchen preparing a meal, entertaining guests in the dining room, relaxing with a book in the bedroom or watching TV in the den, the lighting scenes that fits the mood. Control lighting operation, intensity and color based on events and needs with Loxone.

Control Climate

Eliminate hot and cold spots throughout the home with climate management through Loxones' ceiling fan solution. Configure the Loxone Miniserver to activate the ceiling fans, circulating warm or cool air in harmony with the heating and cooling system so that your home stays at the temperature your family desires.

Save Money With True Energy Management

Regulate the temperature of each climate controlled zone independently while saving money on utility bills with Loxone. At last, a solution that learns the home and responds to being heated and cooled when needed. Power down the house when leaving with a touch of a button to stop electricity being drained away. No more wasting resources, have a home that is comfortable and saves money.

Stay Safe

Most security options come with high monitoring costs from a central station to keep you in touch with what is going on in your home. Protect your home with the Loxone Miniserver and use of existing components such as motion sensors, cameras and lights. Self-monitor and remotely control your own home and be alerted directly by phone call, text message or email if the burglar alarm is set off.

Live It Up

Enjoy entertainment throughout the house and discover what is possible with Loxone. Listen to different music in different rooms of the house or synchronize it for a unified listening experience with multi-room audio. Formulate the perfect setting for movie night by creating a TV scene that dims the lights, turns on the tv and activates the sound system with one touch.

For more information please visit http://www.loxone.com

About Loxone
Loxone is the inventor of Miniserver-based Home Automation. The company, founded in Austria in 2009, has set a model of excellence in control solutions for the home by combining many industry standards.

Loxone is a fast-growing company that sells products worldwide and is highly profitable. In just over three years, Loxone has created a network larger than 5,000 registered partners. More than 21,000 Miniservers and 3,400 Welcome Packages have been sold to date. And those figures increase every day. In the past year Loxone has continued to add impressive hardware, including:

Loxone Intercom - A video intercom you can use with a smartphone or tablet
Loxone Speaker - A multi-room audio-ready speaker with fantastic sound quality
Modbus Extension - For use with meters such as those you monitor energy use with

Currently, Loxone has offices in the UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic along with the most recent opening in the USA and are increasing market shares in these countries every day. Thanks to the internet marketing strategy, there are Miniservers automating homes in more than sixty countries worldwide, including: Brazil, Indonesia, Oman, South Africa, Vietnam and Australia (among other things Loxone is used to control the lighthouses across Melbourne harbour).

*Wired.com 2014, January 14. Retrieved from http://www.wired.com/business/2014/01/googles-3-billion-nest-buy-finally-make-internet-things-real-us/

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