Pylon Kickstarter Campaign Expands Backing, Augments Campaign with Business Options

Discrete Wall Piece Allows Password-free Wi-Fi Access to Approved Devices Waved Over Its Surface

Panama City, FL February 12, 2014

Pylon, the three-square-inch mat that discretely resides on a wall to provide Wi-Fi access to those with permission, is now on its second week as a Kickstarter project with over $10,000 in funding. Creator Chris Henseler is now offering backers a business system equipped with five Pylons and one base station, great for pushing messages out to guests regarding food and drink specials or even mini games and trivia while guests wait for service.

Irritated by the awkward conversations that seemed to often burden his houseguests when asking for Wi-Fi passwords, creator Chris Henseler decided to create a solution that would allow hosts to keep their networks protected in a different way. Pylon, an ultra-slim mat, is pre-linked to a Wi-Fi base station so that when users wave their phone or device over it, they are immediately connected to the Wi-Fi. The connection works with Near Field Communication (NFC) on Android, and by bumping the Pylon with iOS, Windows and BlackBerry devices. The owner of the Pylon uses the Pylon app to choose which devices are given access to the network and even the degree or timespan of that access.

"I've seen so many times where having something like Pylon could have made my hosting experience much more simple," said Henseler. "Not only does Pylon make allocating wireless access easy, but brings a new sense of closeness to a group because it integrates guests' phones with your smart TV and audio system for easy sharing of photos, music and messaging. I've even created a Pylon package for businesses to share this experience with their patrons."

Henseler's Pylon provides an easy sharing experience, but it also protects Wi-Fi with a high degree of customization. Close friends can be granted access indefinitely when they're in Wi-Fi range, while acquaintances may be granted access for only 30 minutes. Neighbors or passersby can be completely prohibited from joining the network.

Early bird pricing is still available for those who back the campaign on Kickstarter. Pledge $85 for an individual Pylon or $450 for a Pylon business system. Following the early bird specials, pricing will increase to $100 and $500, respectively. Visit to back the project, and be sure to Like Pylon on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter @PylonProducts.


Pylon is an easy and safe way for guests to connect their mobile devices to a person's home Wi-Fi. A guest simply waves their device over the Pylon mat to join the host's network. Through Pylon's smartphone app, Pylon owners have full control over who has access and for how long they have access. Pylon can also be integrated with Wi-Fi enabled devices such as wireless speakers and smart TVs so everyone on the same network can effortlessly share music, photos, videos, and messages. To learn more, visit

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