Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair Introduces Regular Maintenance Plans Into Their Service Offerings

Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair offers certified appliance repair services for all Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances as well as offering routine maintenance services.

January 16, 2014--Santa Monica, CA--Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair Announces the Addition of Preventive Maintenance Services

As anyone who has recently been in the market for purchasing a new consumer appliance knows, Sub-Zero and Wolf are two of the premier brands of consumer appliance manufacturers. They are known for not only creating some of the most luxurious appliances for the home and outdoor entertaining area, but also offer great warranties to protect your investment in the event something goes wrong.

One of the key aspects of keeping your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance working as well as it did the first day it was installed is to perform routine maintenance inspections and make repairs as needed. However, homeowners who perform these services on their own can accidentally void their warranties. To avoid this, it is important to hire a factory-trained Sub-Zero and Wolf certified appliance Repair Company to provide those services regularly.

For quality Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance maintenance and repair, contact Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair. Visit online or call (800) 520-7044 to receive a 25% DISCOUNT on Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance repair service.

Finding Trouble

The best way to ensure that your appliances continue to run smoothly and not leave you high and dry when you need them the most, Sub-Zero and Wolf both recommend that you hire a certified, factory trained repair technician to take a look at your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances regularly to ensure that there are no obvious signs of wear and tear that need to be addressed nor are there any elements that need to be cleaned in order to ensure proper operation. For instance, Sub-Zero refrigerators, like other refrigerators, have coils that are used to circulate coolant throughout the appliance to cool your food. If these coils become dirty, they won't work as efficiently and your refrigerator must work harder to cool your food. Over time, this extra effort will wind up prematurely wear out moving parts and can ultimately cause a catastrophic failure, ruining your food and requiring a costly Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair or replacement.

Other problems that you may experience can include an oven that is smoking or not heating properly or a grill that has a failing heating element that is not operating properly to produce enough heat. Each of these situations can be prevented by following a regular maintenance schedule so that problem areas can be identified and corrected before costly repairs are necessary.

While Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair cannot guarantee that you will never experience the failure of a Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance, even when a proper maintenance schedule is followed, they can guarantee that these situations are greatly reduced.

About Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair

Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair offers certified appliance repair services for all Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances as well as offering routine maintenance services. The currently service the following areas in California: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Venice, Culver City and many more cities in the California area. For more information regarding the services Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Repair have to offer, please visit

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