NextLock Unveils Next Generation Smart Home Automation Products

The SmartHub, an advanced deadbolt smart lock, provides homeowners with wireless connectivity and security.

Las Vegas, NV (Jan. 7,2014) -- NextLock will launch its full line of next generation smart home automation products on Jan. 7 - 10 at the 2014 International CES, in Las Vegas. The company will demonstrate its innovative and ambitious smart home devices, including the SmartHub and SmartFob, at this worldwide release.

The SmartHub, an advanced deadbolt smart lock, provides homeowners with wireless connectivity and security. It's equipped with high-tech features, like a motion-activated camerathat allows users to see who is outside their door, a Z-Wave wireless radio to communicate with those visitors, and more. The SmartHub tracks event history and activity, allowing users to seewho's stopped by, when, and if they entered the property.

Owners can operate and manage their SmartHub remotely from their home computer, or they can download the NextLock smartphone app to control everything on the go. The SmartAccess app allows owners to remotely lock and unlock the device, chat with visitors, and manage user credentials, history and activity from the palm of their hand.

NextLock will also be releasing the SmartFob--a universal key fob designed to simplify home automation. SmartFob users can use the fob to control their SmartHub, as an additional mode of entry. It can also pair with a limitless number of devices, like lights and thermostats, using ZWave technology.

Kevin Henderson, President and CEO of NextLock said the idea behind the new product line was to provide home and business owners with high tech features that kept the user's lifestyle in mind. "We wanted to create a smart home automation ecosystem that provides features that were previously unavailable to consumers," Henderson said. "The SmartHub allows consumers to control access to their home securely from virtually anywhere using their smartphone, SmartFob or home computer. That kind of flexibility, control and peace of mind is paramount."

NextLock will also unveil the SmartSync API and SmartKit IPK, intended for developers, at CES 2014. Using the API (Application Programming Interface), developers can connect their device to the SmartHub ecosystem, extend the functionality of their smart home device, and more. The SmartKit IPK (Instant Prototyping Kit) allows innovators to build their own home automation devices.

NextLock will be releasing its products in North America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, China, India and Australia, with additional markets that will include Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa to follow Q3 and Q4 2014. The SmartHub and SmartFob are available for preorder on and will also be made available through distributors in select countries. Contact NextLock for specific details about where to find the distributor nearest you.

About NextLock:

NextLock brings advanced smart lock technology and home automation into the home and workplace. We develop, manufacture and distribute next generation electronic security devices for both consumer and commercial settings. With our advanced line of automated locks and key fobs, having secure access has never been easier. Our home offices are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and our sales offices are located in Troy, Michigan and Orlando, Florida. NextLock, LLC is a subsidiary of Strattec Security Corporation (Nasdaq: STRT).

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