Universal Electronics Releases UEI QuickSet 2.4 Bringing Next Level of Automation to Universal AV Setup and Control for Millions of Connected Devices Worldwide

UEI QuickSet 2.4 delivers the simplest and most intuitive universal remote control setup and control experience available today.

2014 International CES

SANTA ANA, Calif.--Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (Nasdaq:UEIC) today announced the latest release of its industry-leading universal setup and control SDK, UEI QuickSet™. UEI QuickSet 2.4 follows up on the success of the original UEI platform that is currently deployed in over 70 million devices around the world including set-top boxes, connected TVs, media devices, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

With millions of connected devices already deployed, UEI QuickSet 2.4 delivers the simplest and most intuitive universal remote control setup and control experience available today. This technology enables an AV device remote control to be set up and programmed to control virtually any television or entertainment device in the home, with minimal or no user input.

With millions of new devices entering the digital living room, all vying to deliver entertainment content to consumers worldwide, the need for a universal control interface has become a priority for device manufacturers, content providers, and mobile platforms.

UEI QuickSet 2.4 delivers a universal setup and control experience that is unmatched in the industry. It includes features such as:

*automated device setup using HDMI-CEC connections to automatically identify the device brand and model number of connected devices without requiring user input;

*automated device detection and IR control of IP connected AV devices;

*enhanced control code lookup feature combining search by service provider and set-top box manufacturer;

*optimized setup maps that deliver a consumer-friendly user interface to determine the exact control code for the system; and

*a cloud-based service to ensure access to a real-time device code database that is continuously updated with the latest control codes for the newest devices on the market, making the universal control interface easy to set up and future proof.

UEI QuickSet is currently deployed on a variety of platforms and operating systems including Linux, Windows, Android and iOS; supports embedded applications that have built-in IR blasters; devices that support two-way RF communication with remote IR blasters, such as connected bridges; and remote controls with built-in RF.

UEI's device code database is the industry's leading device database for universal entertainment control, giving users access to literally hundreds of thousands of control functions for virtually all digital entertainment electronics devices in the world. With well over 98 percent of installed TVs in the market supported, users across the globe will benefit from UEI QuickSet's ability to deliver the right control code for their specific digital entertainment device.

Licensees of UEI QuickSet include leading cable and satellite service provides such as DIRECTV and Echostar Technologies, as well as leading brands in the gaming industry, such as Nintendo on their WiiU platform, and more recently, Microsoft on their groundbreaking Xbox One gaming system.

Video game consoles are fast becoming key platforms for delivering home entertainment, with features beyond gaming including video playback, over-the-top content, and social media connections. According to Neilson Research, half of the latest models of gaming systems (known as 7th Generation Consoles) are now located in the primary living/family room, making them an essential part of the home theater experience.

With UEI QuickSet, Microsoft's Xbox One can deliver a seamless universal control experience using voice commands to control functions like powering on the TV and set-top box, controlling volume during gameplay and TV watching, as well as providing set-top box control of DVR and channel tuning.

"Xbox One is a truly unique console concept, and UEI is proud to be an integral part of Microsoft's latest platform," says Paul Arling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for UEI. "As the convergence of gaming and multimedia entertainment continues, UEI remains at the forefront of providing consumers with the underlying technology needed to ensure the best possible control experience. Our extensive device control code library combined with the ease of setup of UEI QuickSet continues to be one of our most important competitive differentiators."

UEI QuickSet has also achieved significant penetration in the connected TV space with leading television manufacturer Samsung, who offers this feature in certain of their SmartTV models, as well as many of the GoogleTV platforms launched by mainstream consumer electronics brands such as Sony and Vizio.

UEI QuickSet has also gained momentum in one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile electronics space, Smartphones. Today, UEI QuickSet is an integral component in delivering the universal entertainment setup and control experience in the flagship platforms of some of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. Several of LG's Optimus and G2 models, as well as Sony's Xperia line of mobile devices rely on UEI QuickSet to drive their universal AV control experience.

UEI will demonstrate the full complement of UEI QuickSet 2.4 features at their booth 20612 located in South Hall 1, at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starting January 7, 2014.

About Universal Electronics

Founded in 1986, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is the global leader in wireless control technology for the connected home. UEI designs, develops, and delivers innovative solutions that enable consumers to control entertainment devices, digital media, and home systems. The company's broad portfolio of patented technologies and database of infrared control software have been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast, and computing industries. UEI sells and licenses wireless control products through distributors and retailers under the One For All® brand name. For additional information, visit our website at www.uei.com.

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