Meyer Sound Introduces Galileo Callisto 616 AES Primary Array Processor

Callisto 616 AES is optimized to be a mastering tool that makes it easier to manage loudspeaker systems and shape overall system response.

The new Meyer Sound GalileoR CallistoT 616 AES primary array processor is a

powerful hardware and software solution for driving and aligning Meyer Sound
loudspeaker array systems. Combining versatile alignment tools like
U-ShapingT equalization and delay integration with a full suite of digital
AES3 and analog inputs and outputs, the Callisto 616 AES serves as a
flexible mastering tool for delivering digital audio to satellite Meyer
Sound processors, including Galileo Callisto 616 processors and Galileo 616
and 408 processors.

"The Callisto 616 AES adds a new level of control in commissioning sound
systems as it allows engineers to precision calibrate individual elements or
zones using the satellite processors, and then they can use the AES primary
processor at FOH to make further adjustments to the overall system using
tools like U-Shaping," explains Todd Meier, digital products manager at
Meyer Sound. "Together with the CompassR control interface, this pairing
provides the ultimate FOH system mastering tool and makes tuning sound
systems much more efficient."

The two-space, rack-mounted Callisto 616 AES includes six inputs, 16 digital
outputs with eight mirrored analog outputs, and a full digital matrix
processor. Working in tandem with the Compass control software, Callisto 616
AES is optimized to be a mastering tool that makes it easier to manage
loudspeaker systems and shape overall system response. The U-Shaping
equalization comprises five bands with adjustable slopes, widths, and gain.
Five bands of complementary phase parametric filters are available on each
output. An additional five bands of parametric filters and standard
TruShapingR equalization are available on each input.

Additional features include delay integration for automatic alignment of
Meyer Sound line arrays, and atmospheric correction to maintain high
frequency response regardless of changes in temperature and humidity.

To assume impeccable sonic performance for analog audio signals, Callisto
616 AES employs A-D-A conversion with 24-bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling.
Internal processing is at 96 kHz with 32-bit floating point resolution.
Latency is fixed across all output channels regardless of processing
applied, and dedicated connectors are provided for seamless integration of
Meyer Sound's SIMR 3 audio analyzer.

Galileo Callisto 616 AES will begin shipping early February.

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