Conessioni presents Audio Forum@ISE 2014

The audio community meets system integration

A project devised by Connessioni to promote the culture of the industry, facilitating the exchange of ideas and development

AudioForum is a project by Connessioni geared to creating an updating route dedicated to the audio community, and which will focus on digital audio protocols. The event will be held on Monday 3rd February 2014, the day before the opening of Integrated System Europe 2014 (ISE), the most important European fair dedicated to System Integration.

Audio Forum@ISE is geared to professionals, companies and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and discovering the latest developments associated to the current and future pro-audio world. It will also be an important moment of dialogue and meeting between the worlds of system integration and the more specific pro-audio world which will meet "around the same table". Two worlds which share so many elements and can widen the prospects by creating new alliances and business opportunities.

Following the success of the first edition of AudioForum, held on 21st and 22nd November 2013 alongside the SIEC Convention in Milan, Connessioni re-proposes the project on an international scale. The February edition will take the shape of a full day of speeches and seminars, held by qualified professionals, on the theme of protocols, and space will also be dedicated to networking and exchanging ideas and views. The programme, at its finalisation stage, already includes the participation of AVnu Alliance, Audinate and AES (Audio Engineering Society).

AudioForum@ISE is accomplished with the support of ISE - Integrated Systems Europe - and sponsored by the SIEC association - System Integration Experience Community.

To know more about the initiative, the continuous updates, the event location and keep up-to-date, before, during and after AudioForum@ISE, Connessioni has created a website where it will be possible to find all the information on the events, the schedule of seminars and companies involved in the project.

A video gallery with interviews made by the staff of Connessioni and the videos of the speeches of professionals taking part in the event will be made available in real-time, live from AudioForum.

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Connessioni, The Integrated Systems Media
Connessioni is an integrated communications company, dedicated to the world of System Integration. Its activity lies in "connecting" the key players of this sector, professionals and companies, so that by sharing views, strategies, solutions and operating synergies, it is possible to expand the market area. The intent is to construct a world in which integrated systems are the foundation of a model of an evolved but simple life which is sustainable and useable.

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Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

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