Vancouver Startup Raises 280% of Goal for Groundbreaking Home Intelligence Technology

Neurio makes any home a self-learning home.

Vancouver, BC November 18, 2013

In what has been described as a "flawlessly executed crowdfunding campaign", Energy Aware Technology has raised over $267,000 for Neurio: a revolutionary new product that will change the way people interact with their homes.

Imagine if one day ordinary washing machines started sending reminders when people forgot to dry their clothes. Or imagine if homeowners could find out how much money they lost powering devices that are supposed to be off. Neurio is a unique new technology that can identify what each appliance in the home is up to in real-time, from a central sensor. Using this information, homeowners can make their homes more intelligent, and also figure out how much money they are spending on each appliance.

"In a world filled with internet connected devices, it is surprising that we aren't connected to our energy consumption," said Janice Cheam, President & CEO of Energy Aware, "People have been plugging devices into the wall for decades, yet we have no way to really know what is happening after that. Neurio finally lets us understand and control our electricity use like never before."

The Neurio campaign launched on October 16, 2013, and has received over 1,900 supporters from more than 40 countries across the world. While the initial fundraising goal was $95,000, this was reached within 10 days of launching and new features such as solar support, early API access, and an expansion port have since been added to Neurio as a result of the support.

"As more physical objects find their way into the online world, artificial intelligence is going to play a more prominent role in our lives," said Dr. Ali Kashani, software lead for Neurio, "This kind of intelligence will pave the way for mainstream adoption of connected devices. Neurio is simply starting this trend by bringing intelligence to devices in our homes."

Though the crowdfunding campaign has concluded, Neurio is available for pre-order at

About Energy Aware

Energy Aware Technology Inc. is a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for utilities in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Originally founded in 2008, the company has experienced rapid growth and has become an authority in home energy management. Energy Aware is the winner of the BC Technology Industry Association's Most Promising Startup Award, and has been featured in BC Business Magazine.

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