New from Ebode Electronics: HDMI Switches and IR over HDMI solution for remote controllers

The HDMI switches are the ideal solution when you have more A/V equipment than available inputs on your TV.

Veen, The Netherlands - Ebode Electronics presents the HDMI switches and IR over HDMI solution. These new products within the entertainment segment of ebode offer a solution in no longer need to plug HDMI cables. The HDMI switches are the ideal solution when you have more A/V equipment than available inputs on your TV. The IR over HDMI set will complement the ebode switches and allows you to operate equipment in a closed TV cabinet. Also the HDIK30 kit can be used as stand-alone solution.

Ebode HDMI Switches

The ebode HDSWITCH31 and HDSWITCH51 make it possible to connect more HDMI devices to an ebode switch. Ideal for example if your HDTV does not have enough inputs to connect all your HD devices. The HDMI switches are 'intelligent' switches, which means that they switch to the last active input by their selves. When there is no active signal any more, than it automatically switches back to input that was active before. You can select the input by going to the desired input on the front of the switch, however an IR remote is also included to select the desired input. The ebode HD switches support HDMI version 1.4a, Full HD 1080p, 3D, Blu-Ray 24fs / xv-YCC support, deep colour 36 bit, signal retiming and dolby-AC3/DTS7.1/DSD/DTS-HD/true-HD/LPCM7.1 audio formats. Optional the switches can be used with the ebode HDIK30, very convenient to operate equipment in closed closed cabinets.

Ebode IR over HDMI Set

Do you also find it difficult to open the doors of your TV cabinet first before you can operate your A/V equipment placed in this cabinet? Ebode has numerous IR solutions and now we have added the specific HDIK30 IR over HDMI solution to our range. You need to connect this little device to your HDMI cable between your TV en the device (not directly in sight placed) that has to be operated. On side of the TV, the IR-receiver receives the IR-signal from eg. Blu-Ray player or Dvd player and this signal is sent via the IR-LED on the other end of the HDMI cable (with the Blu-Ray player or Dvd player). The HDIK30 can also be used in combination with the ebode switches, which increases the functionality. Another unique feature is that the HDIK30 is CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible. CEC is an HDMI feature designed to get consumers control of up to 15 devices which are connected via HDMI, using only one remote. In this case it will be possible to control not only your TV but also DVD player, Blu-Ray players and set-top box with only the remote of your TV. The ebode HDIK30 also works as standalone solution.

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ebode is a European brand, established in 2009, offering home automation, entertainment and security products and innovative "A/V problem solvers". Unlike many of the complex automation solutions available today, ebode is affordable and innovative. Plug & Play product lines have been designed for simple installation, and are easy and convenient to integrate into European homes.

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